Have you ever been pumped to get into the gym and after doing only a few exercises you find yourselves feeling completely drained of energy?
A lot of people might say, something like, “Oh, you’re just not in shape. It’ll get better.” While this may hold true for most people, even the most fit people can find themselves in a similar situation.
As I constantly went back and forth between having great full-energy workouts and dragging after a set or two on another, I started really comparing my good days and bad days to see if there was anything that stuck out to me on what might be the causation. In this article, I’ll be going over the things I’ve learned that would hinder my workouts and how I fixed it:

1. Not eating before you hit the gym. (#1 reason for no energy for workout). One reason I found for getting tired so quickly when I start lifting is that I haven’t had a pre-workout meal.

2. Not planning your workout routine correctly. When you work a main muscle group like your back or chest, you’re also hitting some of the other muscle groups that are connected to those.

3. Going too low on your calories when dieting. This can be somewhat related to point number, but this point is more focused on your calories intake as a whole.

4. Having music can make or break your workout. A huge factor on how workouts go is based on having music going when working out. Just look around when you go to the gym, do you think everyone is listening to music because they just don’t want to talk to each other? Well, that might be the case for some people, but overall music has a huge impact on your motivation levels.

5. The temperature of your gym. This is something most people do not pay any attention to how it affects their overall mood for working out. I used to go to a gym that was great. It was small; great equipment; not very many people but the owner would always keep it like 65 degrees inside. This would literally cause me to almost instantly get tired when I got in there to begin my workout.

In Conclusion

There are so many reasons out there on why you might not have any energy in the gym. It could be just a pure lack of motivation; this is something you will have to assess for yourself.
To be clear here, everything I’ve mentioned in this article are all things that I found out myself through many trial and error type of workouts where I was just dragging my butt. Even though my list is pretty straightforward there can also be some more technical type of things that can contribute to having low energy in the gym, like low testosterone. These are things that of course I can’t really guide you on, only your doctor can help you out there.

By Sterling.