No one wants to acknowledge it, but it happens to everyone: we age. We can feel it in our joints and our bones. The twinges, the cracking sound, the aches, and pains are all too common for many of us, but the one thing we tend to ignore is our skin. As years of fun in the sun and sleep deprivation begins to creep up on us, we panic and buyout shelves of skin hydration lotions and ointments. We suddenly become armchair experts in anti-aging creams. However, how many people actually take the time to learn everything they need to know to keep their skin healthy, supple, and looking great?

Good skin starts with taking a thoughtful approach to skincare. After all, all good makeup days begin with good, clean, healthy skin. As with all the other vital organs in our body, our skin rejuvenates and heals while we are at rest. Allowing it to do what it does naturally is a good foundation for better skin, but there are a few simple tips and techniques that can take your skin care routine to another level.
Begin with products that promote proper moisturization because our skin takes a beating spring, summer, winter, and fall. Applying products in the correct order (layering them) will make all the difference in the world.

Here’s a roadmap to healthy, supple skin:

STEP 1 Cleanser
You must start with a clean surface. Yes, we know, sometimes makeup removal can feel like a real chore, but we promise you, your skin will thank you for it. Get rid of all makeup, dirt, and sweat that accumulates throughout the day. Use a cleanser that’s gentle on your face and appropriate for your skin type. For some that might mean oil-free. For others, an oil-based product might be best. Always read your labels!

STEP 2 Exfoliant
Everyone should use exfoliating products a couple of times per week. It is important that you clean first, exfoliate second. Don’t forget!

STEP 3 Treatment Products
No matter your skin imperfections, there’s a product on the market that can help ease flare-ups, lessen the severity of age spots, or help with uneven texture. Always use them on clean skin.

STEP 4 Serums
Apply these on skin that’s been cleaned, primed, and treated. Don’t apply moisturizer until AFTER you have used the serum.

STEP 5 Eye Cream
Apply eye cream after the serum to get the most benefit. Zap away wrinkles and the tired-eye look with the eye cream of your choice.

STEP 6 Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
It does not matter what type of moisturizer you use, make sure you apply it last to allow your skin to absorb all that soft and silky goodness.

Now you have a bedtime routine that will wash away all the day’s activities and will help you and your skin recover while you get some much-needed zzz’s. If you forget the exact order of how and when to apply your favorite products, a helpful tip is to try to remember that the lighter products go on first and the heavy and thick products are used towards the end.