We are very proud to share the new jewel of Coral Gables, TUR KITCHEN, along with Chef Nelson Fernández, the brilliant mind behind the operation.

TUR Kitchen specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and is located on Giralda Street between Salzedo and Ponce de León. They’ve only just opened their doors to the public, and are ready to serve the most demanding of palates.

Chef Nelson Fernández

Chef Fernandez arrived in Coral Gables after a fruitful career across the globe. He studied in London, and at 22, he graduated with honors at Cordon Bleu. From there, he began working with Michelin Star Chef, Nic Watt, at the Hyatt in London. Then spent five years at Monty’s under the tutelage of the celebrity, “The Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver. He will always remain grateful for the experience of having worked with this circle of important masters of their craft. But Chef Fernandez left the United Kingdom to take his next career step in Toronto, Canada, where he worked for ten years as the Executive Chef at Sassafraz, one of the city’s most prestigious restaurants in Toronto. During this time, Chef Fernandez also worked with one of the giants of the culinary world, chef Massimo Capra, later Chef Fernandez met restaurateur Hanif Harji and Executive Chef Roger Mooking, during his time as Head Chef of their Nyood Restaurant & Lounge, which placed a heavy emphasis on the finest-grade ingredients.

Now he’s set up TUR Kitchen, a gastronomic jewel in the heart of Coral Gables. TUR Kitchen aims for fine dining in a very cozy atmosphere. Customers can see Chef Nelson Fernández in the kitchen from any positing in the restaurant. They will see him decorating and making sure the experience is complete.

I can assure you that in your visual palate, it is a delight to see those dishes leave the kitchen, but tasting them is the real pleasure. The ingredients are of the best selection, and all picked out with an awareness of our focus on offering high-level and healthy food. Chef Nelson dominates the kitchen and is passionate about Mediterranean cuisine, mainly from the regions of Lebanon, Greece, and Turkey.

“Our open concept kitchen will allow our diners to be part of the process and enjoy the beauty of putting each plate together.”

· Chef N. Fernandez ·

The way Chef Nelson pairs produce is extraordinary; his culinary wisdom seeps through every bite. He lives among spices and vegetables, and his proposals are lovely. For example, with the Seared Eggplant with Feta, San Marzano Tomato, and Sourdough or the Cauliflower with Corn, Mustard, and Russet Potatos, you enjoy not only the beautiful plating but also the quality of the vegetable. Chef Fernandez respects its flavor and enriches it with its very few but well-balanced companions.

From the sea, we tried two exquisite dishes that I advise and will be among your favorites; Squid with Medjool Dates, Chorizo, Chili and Coriander, and the Tuna with Zucchini, Hazelnut, Cucumber, and Golden Beet. Their freshness and flavor accompanied by the ingredients selected by Chef Fernandez take them to a level at which even the most inexperienced palate might understand the concept of haute cuisine. The menu’s protein selection is excellent. Throughout a reading (or tasting!) of the plates, you will find yourself on a fantastic journey within the finest pastures of the Mediterranean. From lamb leg to branzino to pork loin to tuna, TUR Kitchen hosts what’s truly an excellent selection.

And to close with a platinum brooch, the desserts, you will imprint themselves a mental photograph for you to remember for many weeks on end. Not only for their beauty, but their flavor will keep you craving more. I recommend you try the delicious Kunafa accompanied by Rose Water, Walnut and Pistachio, or the extraordinary Mille Feuille with Cereal Cream, Strawberries, Berry Dust and Sumac. Simply delicious.

There is nothing more to say. We are facing a restaurant that will undoubtedly be the talk for a long time among locals and tourists who come to Miami. It will be one of the great restaurants in the city, I assure you.

Enjoy TUR Kitchen, call to make a reservation, and greet Chef Nelson Fernández personally.