Are you ready to rev up your exercise routine and not only look better but feel better?  Popular in Europe, this fitness trend, known as water biking, is now in Miami and might be the answer to your exercise woes. By combining the fluid motion of your favorite high-voltage biking class and adding water resistance, you’re getting the ultimate workout.

Forget about swimming up and down lanes in an Olympic sized pool. Now, there’s something better for your overall health. Fitness experts have long touted that resistance training is the best training out there. You get more bang for your buck than you would be jogging on a treadmill or cycling down long country lanes.

By using the combination of your body weight and the resistance from the water, you’re pushing yourself harder, increasing your heart rate, and burning more calories than you have with almost any other workout. You’re toning and sculpting your muscles. This impact free workout is designed for all fitness levels and body types due to the support of the zero gravity effects of the water. And because you’re in the water, you’re less likely to be left feeling dehydrated after your workout.

This fantastic workout combo is ideal for anyone at any age and size. It gives you greater flexibility, will help boost your confidence and contributes to improving your balance. This fat burning workout will help you to have that long, lean, healthy look that you’ve always wanted. One hour of aqua biking is the equivalent of eight hundred (yes, eight hundred) calories burned. The support from the water will help ease your movement, and the resistance will help you to achieve optimal fitness levels.

Up to eight hundred calories an hour can be burned, with the support/pressure of the water speeding up blood circulation and eliminating fat.

Let’s talk setup. Yes, the bicycles that you’re familiar have been enhanced to work under water. The water level is up to your waist. You pedal as you would for any biking class, but this time the water adds resistance. This isn’t just any regular workout. This workout is unique because it focuses on your body and your mind at the same time. The smooth, rhythmic motion of the water soothes you and your joints while the resistance helps to strengthen your muscles and joints. Doing this workout 3-4 times a week will result in positive changes in your body.Such benefits from Water Biking are improved health, Protecting and increasing muscle and bone strength while improving your balance.

If that’s not enough to convince you to give it a shot, how about these added benefits?

  • You’ll burn up to 800 calories per hour.
  • No jarring impact on your joints.
  • It enhances blood flow.
  • Burns cellulite.
  • You’ll sleep better.
  • You’ll improve your cardiovascular endurance.
  • You won’t be left with sore muscles and joints after a workout.
  • You’ll have increased flexibility.
  • Helps to stimulate and drain the lymphatic system.
  • Recommended by physicians and physical therapists to help recovery after injuries.


Aqua Biking is a new phenomenon in the United States. People in Europe have been singing its praises for well over a year now. Why shouldn’t women and men everywhere enjoy the same health benefits and start feeling and looking better today?

As always, consult your physician before trying a new workout, but once you’ve been cleared, run, don’t walk, to your nearest class and get in on the workout that’s taking the world by storm.