Everyone wants to wear something to look amazing in no matter the occasion, but more often than not, closets full, yet, people find nothing to wear. That’s why building your closet around key pieces that you can wear year-round guarantees that you will have always find something to stunning to wear.

Those pieces may not be unique or very exciting, but they are going to be the clothes you keep for years. Therefore, they need to be the perfect size, fit, and color; of great quality and versatile so they can be complemented with statement pieces and easy to dress up or down according your accessories choices.


straight-leg. Choose the best waist line according your body shape.

1 light weight fabric classic trouser

1 classic belted trench coat: The best is a light neutral color one that allows room for easy and comfortable movements.

1 dress in your “best black,” meaning that if you are of warm or soft complexion it is better that you choose charcoal or navy blue instead black.

1 suit: Suits are a powerful style booster, in the right shape and proportion. Find the harmony between sophistication and your personal touch.

2 blouses in two different neutrals and arm lengths

2 short sleeve tee shirts: one white and the other in a nice brighter shade like purple, royal blue or red.

1 fitted blazer or killer jacket to be worn with jeans to dresses and without looking like you are trying too hard, can do wonders for your figure and personal image.

1 cardigan: Choose a solid color, possibly one that is appropriate for the season, with some embellishments, if you prefer. Also, think light fabric, like cotton-silk.

1 pencil skirt or full skirt: It can sit high or below the waist and should be fitted from just below the knee to no more than three inches above the knee.

2 narrow belts: One dark and one in a light shade, and less than two inches wide

Other Accessories

1 sunglasses

2 handbags: one structured day bag and one evening bag

1 pair of earrings


2 pairs of high-heels: one peep-toe or pumps, and the other in a lighter shade

1 bootie

1 strappy sandal

1 closed-toe flat

1 flat sandal

Make sure this is a wardrobe investment and that what you add to your wardrobe highlights what you already have in your closet. And don’t forget to only buy only what you need, what you like and what you are going to wear.