Food is love. That is a sentiment many of us chefs grew up with. One we carry in our souls and express with our hands.

Ever since I can remember, food was the center and staple of all my family gatherings, celebrations, and social events.

Now with the holiday season stepping on our heels, we’re found asking ourselves the same eternal question—how do I enjoy my holidays and keep my healthy lifestyle?

Well, let me share some not-so-secret knowledge I’ve gathered throughout the years. I’ll start by saying that Thanksgiving and the holidays are not here to sabotage your healthy lifestyle and goals. On the contrary, they are the perfect occasion to introduce yourself to new and healthier recipes, ingredients, flavors, and textures; the perfect excuse to immerse yourself in a new world of fine new treats filled with eye-popping colors and intoxicating aromas that will awaken your senses and completely change your mind about healthy eating.

We at Healthy Gourmet Miami believe that a healthy holiday is not about limitations or depriving yourself of the food you love the most but about understanding that there are plenty of options and preparations that are, if not better, equally as good as your go-to all-American internet recipe.

We understand that, for most of us, our busy schedules interfere with our wish to eat better. That’s why we are here to tell you: “We’ve got your back.” We already took the time, stress, and legwork off your plate by carefully designing a few recipes that will clearly tell you the holidays are here while energizing and revitalizing your body and soul and introducing you to a new world with endless possibilities that we will help you discover.

So, this holiday season, sit back and relax, practice your best poses and smiles, and enjoy the holiday spirit with your loved ones without an ounce of remorse because you already know we’ve got you covered.

Happy Holidays!

By Eric Stein