Every year, as the new year approaches, I find myself dreaming of all the new and exciting things I can put on my New Year’s resolution list. It never fails. I want to accomplish everything and more, and it doesn’t matter that I’ll never have time to do everything. All that matters is that I’m motivated, my energy levels are up and ready to go, and I’ve got the coveted list of must-dos. Improve your life! Tighten your abs! Strengthen your relationship! Leave no stone unturned!

This year was no different. My list is long, but instead of falling way behind on hitting my goals this time around, I finally did one of the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I took a cooking class, but not just any cooking class. Earlier this summer, I sharpened my kitchen skills with none other than Master Chef Nathi Toro as part of the Mathew Kenney Culinary Workshop at the Sacred Space Miami.

As a cooking enthusiast, I cannot express how incredibly valuable this course was, and not by monetary standards, but by the wealth of culinary expertise and knowledge was extolled in this fabulous class. To say it was amazing would be doing it a disservice. This class is THE class to take. It’s worth the flight, the plane ticket, the train fare. However far you have to travel, this class is an absolute must for any food lover.

In this class, it was as if I was transported to a world I’d previously only dreamed of becoming a part of. From start to finish, I was immersed in the most wonderfully aromatic, full natural flavored experience of my life. We were taught everything from how to work with the freshest ingredients to how to hone our knife handling skills, how to mix and blend flavors for optimal results, and so much more. It was a food lovers dream to have this opportunity, and I took full advantage with copious notes. For those of you who have always wanted expert help in the kitchen, this is the class for you.

If you’re not keen on trying to up your kitchen game in front of other students, don’t fret. They have private classes that focus on a set number of manageable dishes. You’ll enjoy more time to explore not only how, but why a raw restaurant dish might taste wonderfully different from the best home-cooked meal. You’ll also learn about healthier for you gluten-free grains and how best to stock a gluten-free pantry. What could be better than learning all the different techniques in making raw bread and its uses in plant based cuisine?

We here at Healthy magazine are all about eating right, doing things that are right for your body and soul. This cooking class fits the bill on all levels.

No matter what your kitchen passion is, this culinary delight will make you want to make seasonally inspired dinners that are full of flavor and will make your family gather around for more time and time again. There’s nothing better than striving to be a better person in life. Why not start in the kitchen?

By Claudia Portillo

Photography by Mathew Keenet