Foods, herbs, essential oils, physical activities, sunlight, restful sleep, music and social interactions can all act as natural mood boosters, so it’s not always necessary to rely on invasive medications when you can benefit from these risk-free mood enhancers.

With today’s stressful lifestyle, depression, anxiety, nervousness, iritability and mood swings in general, can affect all of us to a certain point. Whether you’re suffering from a more severe mood disorder or you just feel restless, nervous or out of sorts whenever an unfortunate or unpredicted event happens, you should know that there are several natural solutions that you can use as an alternative to mood disorder medication.

While drugs and medical treatments can improve one’s mood and relieve the symptoms of mood disorders, the natural solutions recommended below can provide much of the same results but without the potential side effects of medications.

Natural remedies are less invasive, thus better choices in the long run, the risk of becoming addicted to such products or treatments being very reduced. Mood boosting drugs, on the other hand, can cause addictions and can alter the body’s chemical balance, as they are often loaded with more or less unnecesary chemical ingredients.

If you want to gain control of your emotions and overcome mood swings without putting your health at risk, take a look at the suggestions below.


Perhaps the easiest solution for controlling your mood swings and achieving relief from nervousness, negative thinking and depression is to make some changes in your diet and eat more of the foods that can act as natural mood boosters.

Such foods are fruits and vegetables with high contents of vitamin D and magnesium and foods rich in omega-3, selenium and vitamins in the B family. Spinach, lettuce, salmon, kidney beans, chicken breast, crab, eggs, nuts and seeds, low fat dairy products, lean turkey and beef, seafood, and legumes are great choices for boosting your mood naturally.

Chocolate is also a very good solution for keeping depressive and negative thoughts away, but it’s preferable not to rely on chocolate each time you feel anxious, nervous or irritated. As for herbs, valerian and lavender are probably the most renowned mood enhancers.

However, besides increasing the consumption of these foods, you should also pay attention to the foods known to alter the brain’s chemical balance and increase the risks of developing mood disorders. As a general rule, highly processed foods, products rich in saturated fats, alcoholic drinks and beverages containing high amounts of caffeine should be consumed in very low amounts or completely avoided by those people dealing with frequent mood swings and depression, panic or anxiety episodes.


Although a healthy diet can do wonders to prevent mood swings, as it acts directly from the inside balancing the body’s internal environment and ensuring healthy functioning of the nervous system, foods aren’t the only solutions when it comes to naturally enhancing one’s mood.

You can also rely on physical activities, from walking and running to weight lifting, dancing or boxing; absolutely any form of exercise that burns calories, accelerates the heart rate and enhances the blood flow to your brain can be a great substitute for mood disorder medications. Physical activities increase the production of endorphins in the brain. These “feel good” chemicals are able to boost one’s mood and induce a general feeling of well-being.

Exposure to daylight, fresh air, good social relationships, restful sleep, direct communication of your feelings and even a pet’s company can do wonders for people dealing with mood swings or mood disorders.

By Andreea Macoveiciuc