The most important and simplest way for a woman to assess the health of her breasts and to find the earliest signs of concern is to perform a Breast Self Examination (BSE) on a regular basis.

Women should perform a BSE every month, a week or so after menstruating when her breasts are less tender and have fewer and less prominent natural lumps. However, women who have reached menopause can perform a BSE at any time, as long as it’s done on a monthly basis.

Each breast should be evenly examined using a flat palm while in front of a mirror.

Any changes in the skin or nipple-areola area, as well as any lumps, should be documented.

A lump is marble-like and rolls between the palm and chest wall.

The armpits and areas above the collarbones should be palpated as well and both nipples should be gently squeezed to see if there is any abnormal discharge.