Aging is inevitable even for our eyes. The fact of the matter is our eyes age right along with the rest of our bodies. Eventually, it becomes more and more difficult to adjust our focus from what we can see at arm’s length to what we can see at a distance. Progressive lenses allow us to see everything-near or far-more clearly.

So, what progressive lenses and how do they work?
They are the lenses that will transform a blurry blob into a crystal-clear picture no matter the distance. With these lenses, there is a near-seamless transition between long distances away and what is right in front of your face. No more jumping between images. No more having to switch from a glasses on and a glasses off position or having to go from looking out the top of your lens to looking through the bottom of a lens to see at different distances. And unlike the clunky glasses of old, progressive lenses appear clear throughout. No more distracting lines that are notorious in everyday, run of the mill bifocal lenses.

What’s the difference between progressive lenses and bifocals?
Bifocals only let you see clearly faraway and up close, but objects at arm’s length away will still appear blurry. On top of that, the abrupt change will be jarring to the eye and perhaps your equilibrium, especially when shifting your focus from near and far viewing areas. Not only is this off-putting to longtime lens wearers, but it can be extremely distracting and unattractive to the eye. The half-moon shape lower lenses that make the bifocal get in the way when you’re doing simple eye tasks, and can create headaches.

When to make the transition to progressive lenses?
Here’s the gist of what happens to your eyes as you age; starting at about the age of forty, your eyes begin to slowly, over time, lose their ability to focus on objects that are close by. You’ll find yourself holding the newspaper or a book at an arm’s length to see, or you might notice difficulty driving at night or reading in dim light. Oftentimes, we put off having our eyes checked. We strain our eyes, refusing to acknowledge the truth about what’s going on. That choice often leads to eye fatigue, tension headaches, and most notably, may cause you to miss important details around you.

Who wants to continue rocking a bifocal, letting their eyes stress and strain to do normal, everyday tasks, when you could have the perfect eye accessory that not only looks stylish, feels great, and also makes it possible to see from all ranges: close, mid, and far away. Stop going back and forth between lenses and use a lens that won’t make you feel older but will make you and your poor eyes feel better. They’re the perfect stylish solution for a smart, sophisticated and stylish consumer that won’t feel like you’ve put a sign on your forehead alerting people to the fact that you’re aging just like the rest of us have or will. Progressive lenses are the solution to all your eye problems.