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Your Half-Full Glass

t dawned on me last Wednesday that I finally understand a string of words that were spoken before I was born but which I have heard all my life. They are the wo...
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The Unheralded Virtue

Name a virtue that you admire in others and want to cultivate in yourself. So, what word came to mind? Courage would have been a good answer, for so many peopl...
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Learning to See

A worthy goal for the year 2012 is learning to see. Have you ever puzzled over those statements in the Bible about people who had eyes but could not s...
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Can You Hear the Music?

It was an experiment set up more than a year ago now by the Washington Post. I don’t know how I missed it, and most of you may have seen the online video cli...
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I Love That Kid!

I don’t know Josh Ripley, but I love that kid! Let me tell you why. Sixteen-year-old Josh is a junior at Andover (Minn.) High School. He was running ...
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Everybody Is Doing It

All of us know the term “peer pressure.” It’s what our mothers used to counter when their daughters wanted to dress like street-walkers or their sons reeked of ...
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Kindness Makes a Difference

Many years ago while watching the Disney Channel with my daughter, I heard a wonderful story about the north wind and the sun. The north wind tells the sun it ...
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