Showing the World That Miami Matters

South Florida Gears up for the 29th Annual AIDS Walk Miami 5K walk-a-thon fundraiser Care Resource is presenting the 29th Annual AIDS Walk Miami on Sunday, Apr...

Determining Your Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease

Everyone forgets details sometimes. A task you were supposed to perform slips your mind. You run into someone you met recently, but you can’t remember his name for the life of you. Even people with amazingly accurate memories will forget things on occasion, and it’s nothing to worry about.

Green Looks Good on Everyone

Green Looks Good on Everyone “Telling you a secret here, so lean in close: There are over ten-thousand toxic ingredients in beauty products. With our skin bein...

Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy

Cellular rejuvenation therapy is mainly applicable to facial skin. It works by focusing on the lower layer of the skin known as the mesodermal tissue. The method works to make the skin look nourished and fresh by supplying the tissue with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Cellular rejuvenation therapy helps to improve dull skin by rejuvenating stressed skin cells and by delaying early aging of the cells.

Winning The War Against Diabetes

Woman with Insulin Shot Winning The War Against Diabetes Why is my blood glucose high in the morning? People with diabetes may have a morning high glucose o...

Falling for Passion

The color of fresh passion fruit varies widely, but is commonly yellow and dark purple, with an interior meat that is a juicy and full of seeds. In some cities, like Miami, it is not common to find it fresh, but you can easily find it in any market’s freezer section. Don’t worry, though, the benefits are still there!
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Where Do I Get My Plant-Based Protein?

Although protein is certainly an essential nutrient that plays many key roles in the way our bodies function, we do not need huge quantities of it. Protein is not a case in which more is better. With the popularity of high-protein diets, you may be tempted to believe that you simply can’t overeat protein. But the truth is that consuming excess protein can actually be quite detrimental to your health.

Acro Yoga

When we work together, there is magic to be made. AcroYoga is a partner-based yoga style that takes us from the realm of practicing solo on the mat into one of co-creating yoga moves influenced by acrobatics and Thai massage.


Lady with Clear Skin Hydrafacial Red light therapy seems to have gained an enormous amount of popularity in recent years, and for very good reasons. This bre...