Vegetarian & VEGAN Items

  • Avocado based frosting
  • Jicama tacos
  • Vegan tamales
  • Fajita portabella
  • & Still Growing


WHO– Mexico investors, Now Valley residents

WHAT– Healthy and innovative deli and bakery

WHERE– McAllen on 10th Street

WHY– Family illnesses unexplained, quality food promotes self healing


The best business models listen closely to their clientele and respond quickly. The Green Owl did not start out with the idea of having vegan items.

Within one week of opening, the early response and word of mouth of a few vegan items brought referrals and the vegan menu was quickly expanded.

The original goal was to cater to guests who were looking for true nutrition and simple whole foods as part of total wellness. This beautiful deli and bakery is an original concept. Guests are encouraged to ask about each menu item to discover the care, quality and process that make each healthy item.

Each day, there is an on-going dialogue and feedback between customers and management at The Green Owl. Busy professionals are asking for complete to-go meals, busy Moms want low sugar healthy cupcakes for birthday parties.

The Green Owl is responding and the community is rewarding them with referrals and instagram viral testimonials. It is undeniable that healthy, organic and vegan food costs more to produce and ultimately more for the guest. The Green Owl sandwiches and entrees start at $8.00 and up. In the health conscious circles it is understood that paying a little more for quality food is a preventative investment. Obesity, diabetes and other common Valley diseases cost a great deal more in the loss of vitality and actual medical bills and medications.

“We are not sick – our food choices are plain toxic.”
The Green Owl brand manager.

Wellness is about total balance and our Western culture has shifted our diets and ultimately our health. Convenience is good and necessary in eating but here at The Green Owl we focus on letting convenience be based on healthy choices.

We welcome your ideas and requests to create foods and meals to enhance your health.

By Patti Sunday