editorspick1Did you know that the colors for your skin tone change with each season? Many changing factors affect which colors look best on you. Such factors include climate and lifestyle. Now is the time to upgrade your look and discover which colors suit you best! Changing your style of dressing, exploring a customized makeup palette and accessorizing your wardrobe help to define and shape your image. With a PCA, your personal consultant will help you discover which colors match and suit your body type, style, coloring and personality.

Colors Matter Because

Often times, people forget to pay attention to the colors they wear, shades of makeup they use and the type of accessories they buy. I hope to remind you that you are worth it! By shaping your own style and finding your unique “undertone,” you will walk tall with a new level of confidence.

Knowing your undertone is very important as it is the foundation to any outfit. Equally as important is knowing which colors to wear with each new season. Not opting for your best makeup and clothing colors may make your overall appearance look disharmonious.

My consultant, Diana Diaz-Stütz helped me discover the colors that suit my personality using the PCA method. I learned that prior to selecting colors, I should put the shade near my face and observe if the color appears to belong to my look and personality. If something doesn’t quite click, the color is not for me.  In addition, we identified a set of colors for each season that I should wear and which ones I should avoid.

Twelve Seasons and You

The principle behind a Personal Color Analysis is based on the concept that colors have the characteristics that give us twelve main types of color combinations.  This factor depends on your colouring’s most defining quality: light, deep, clear, soft, warm or cool. Your secondary factor can help you further narrow down your own seasonal colour palette and also show you which neighboring palette might contain some shades that suit your colouring as well.

For example, my PCA showed that during the spring season, my appearance looks best with warm colors of low or medium brightness and slightly deep tones. I’m not an expert on this, but luckily there are experts to help! So if want to know what your undertone is and which colors suit your undertone as well as receive a customized palette, talk to a personal consultant and start discovering a brand new you!


Imagged is a world leading image and style consulting firm for individuals and corporate entities. Working with Diana Diaz-Stütz, it’s easy to see why Diana is hired and respected by image-conscious clients. Some of these clients include business professionals, busy jet setters and those simply wanting an image overhaul. The main goal of ImageDD is to help build self-confidence and achieve a greater positive image. Conveniently, ImageDD consultants can visit your home or office. Clients can also visit their customized ImageDD studio in Miami for a one-to-one session, group consultation or image workshop.

By Claudia Portillo