kidEasterseals Launches Revitalized Brand Bringing Renewed Purpose

Easterseals is launching the most significant brand initiative in more than 50 years and the public response is far exceeding expectations.

In the Rio Grande Valley, the first public preview of the new brand look was revealed during the 2016 Telethon in April. The goal is largely two-fold: One, to capture and communicate the work Easterseals does for and with people with disabilities right now; and two, to introduce Easterseals to the millions of people who are experiencing disability today, but don’t yet know our history and expertise.

For nearly 100 years, Easterseals has been the indispensable resource for people with disabilities. Now, as America faces a broad range of new issues, we have evolved to make a positive, life-changing difference in the lives of people and families who experience today’s disabilities. While Easterseals history is rooted in providing services to children with physical disabilities, today, we’re advancing opportunities for people of all ages and a range of disabilities to better live, learn, work, play and act in their communities.

There is a huge level of unmet needs among people with disabilities — a growing community that includes those with visible and invisible disabilities.  There are too many young children who reach kindergarten with undiagnosed disabilities and delays, and are not ready to start school with a strong foundation for success.  Easterseals provides vital services to 1.4 million individuals and families, from infancy to advanced age. But with some 56.7 million Americans documenting their disability, we know we aren’t reaching enough of this group. We are working to change that — our new brand is key to our ability to serve more people, families and communities. The work we do every day is redefining the way we view, experience and embrace disability in the 21st century.

The Easterseals’ lily logo, which dates back to the 1960s was part of our most successful fundraising campaign and will forever hold a place in history as a symbol of the mission that set a strong foundation for the future.  The expression of the new brand, is a warm sunburst to signify the bright inclusive future we’re working toward.  Our new tagline, “Taking on disability together” speaks to our purpose and partnership in the disability community. It is a galvanizing call to action, engaging all Americans on disability-related issues so the wider world understands why these issues matter, how they affect all of us, and how we must work together to address them.

At Easterseals, we don’t see the word “disability” as a label or a personal identifier. Rather, disability is a natural part of life, of all of our lives. We partner alongside people with disabilities to set and achieve high goals, building on individual strengths and interests. Easterseals fosters that critical process every day, and we see great value in educating others about what it takes — illustrating through our actions and our proactive, positive vision that everyone with and without disabilities has a voice and a contribution to make.

Easterseals Rio Grande Valley has always been a pioneer, a vital resource, serving the community for over 64 years. We lead the charge toward inclusion and equal opportunity through our inclusive childcare center where children of all abilities learn and play side-by-side. Our home visiting and early intervention programs serve children in the home setting where we partner with families to build the skills needed for a strong foundation of learning before entering school.  One of the strengths of Easterseals is developing programs and services that are needed in our community while having a network of affiliates across the country.  While linked through this network of support, Easterseals Rio Grande Valley financially functions independently and continues to provide quality services through grants, foundations and the generous donations from our local community— what is raised in the Valley, stays in the Valley to support our local programs and services.  This is an exciting time in the history of Easter Seals, we celebrate the past that has provided a strong foundation for a bright future!