“Fear” is the ugliest of F words, yet fear can hold us back from trying and doing so many things.  However, fear is nothing more than “false evidence appearing real.”  Fear is that nagging voice in our heads that we create that tells us we cannot, we are not enough, or what will people say or think? It is best to just play it safe, so we listen to that voice that creates false negatives in our mind. 

It stops us dead in our tracks from trying new things and embarking upon new endeavors because we are afraid of the final outcome and afraid that we may not be good enough or that we may royally “fail”, the second ugliest F word of all:. “fear always intimidating  luminosity.”This fear of failure ultimately prevents us from reaching our highest potential and shining as brightly as we can. Fear tells us that we are not good enough, but what we need to realize is that we are. Henry Ford Once said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right.”

The way we speak to ourselves has a direct impact on the final outcome of all of our endeavors. Every single fit person in the gym had a beginning point. Every successful business person did too. Most, if not all, had the same nagging voice, but they clearly set the vision they wanted for themselves; they set down their fear and ultimately accomplished their goal. Incredible changes begin to happen when we tell that negative little voice to shut it.

Transformation begins when we are acutely aware that we are enough, that obstacles are placed in our paths not to hinder us but to help us grow. Obstacles will happen—there is no doubt. Obstacles are not the enemy; they are our teacher. They can allow us to take a step back from a difficult situation and ask ourselves, “What can we learn?

Instead of allowing fear to take over during difficult times, replace one ‘f’ word with another and have some fortitude. Every obstacle/challenge is an opportunity to grow if we allow ourselves to. So whether the goal is to lose 10 pounds, go back to school, learn another language, or change careers:


Success lies at the opposite end of fear.

by: Sylvia Morales