editorspick4Each person joins a gym for a different reason, but unanimously for a common goal: results. How many times have you joined a new gym because the previous one didn’t deliver the results your body needed? You’re not alone. Actually, you stand with me, pre-Figurella. Before my new Figurella lifestyle, I found my life becoming unbearably predictable and inactive. Do you find you’ve given up hope on losing weight? Are you unsure of the right approach to take? In sharing the exciting details of my Figurella experience, I hope to pave the way to a better health for anyone seeking to look and feel better!

When I joined Figurella, I was looking for the perfect partner who would motivate me to work out on a regular basis. After extensive research, I discovered that Figurella is one of the largest successful weight loss organizations in the world. With five hundred outlets worldwide and the most impressive success rate, I thought How could I go wrong?

Adapting swiftly to a healthier lifestyle, I found Figurella to embody a genuine and active approach that made this lifestyle transition easier than it had been in the past! Their unique approach has three key aspects:


Bubble Workout

This unusual method involves a bubble with a controlled temperature that helps you to burn excess fat. With the bubble workout, the classic thirty minutes is equivalent to an hour and a half workout. This ultimate fat-burner is both time efficient and effective. Customizing a program to fit your needs, the Figurella trainers prepare a special plan of action for each individual to reach her goals.


Spa Shell Oxygen Bath

This bath helps your circulatory system and removes toxins. Stimulating and helpful to the mind and body, be ready to relax and enjoy an amazing oxygen bath. It also improves the skin’s texture and truthfully made me look and feel younger only 72 hours post-treatment!


Nutritional Counseling

Unlike other weight loss programs, at Figurella it’s not about counting calories. The program advisors encourage you to stick to a natural and healthy diet without starving or reducing your calorie intake to an unhealthy level.   

In conjunction with one another, these key components work synergistically to increase your metabolic rate, which ultimately promotes steady weight loss. Losing weight is about finding an appreciation for balance. You don’t need to stick to a lifelong strict diet, but simply stick to a healthier routine. As a woman, I appreciated the fact that the methods used by Figurella do not make drastic impacts on pre-menopause or menopause. Here, I felt great knowing that they rely on active ways of losing weight instead of weight loss pills and supplements. It’s refreshing to belong to a program where there are unlimited options for success and a realistic regimen. Looking for the perfect weight loss or fitness routine? Try visiting the nearest Figurella center near you and we can celebrate your smaller jeans size together!

By Claudia Portillo