I am sure that you have heard the saying “bad hair day,” especially if you have curly hair. It can be a mystery as to how your hair be when you get out of bed. Often, curly hair has a coarse texture and lots of volume and your pillow can wreak havoc on it. When sleeping, strands of hair rub on the pillow, making tresses puffy, frizzy, and tangled. This usually happens when the hair is dehydrated and in need of nourishing.

The secret:

take care of your curls, give them love, and nurture them. And don’t wash your hair every day because that can be drying and curly hair needs extra moisture. Use products specially made for this type of hair. Not every product is for curly hair, so you have to be very careful about what you choose.

Products for curly hair need to be rich in moisturizing ability without being heavy. I always recommend using a complete system of products. This means shampoo, conditioner, curl defining cream, and a liquid gel. This way, your hair will receive what it needs from beginning to end, resulting in a bouncy, shiny, beautiful curly hairstyle. Of course, at Rocco Donna Professional we developed the best Curly System ever. I have tried it on hundreds of clients, friends, and family and all came back to me with the same opinion, “Thank God for Riccioli, the best product yet for curly hair!” Riccioli with Pequi Oil and Açaí Extract Complex was specially created to hydrate curly and wavy hair.

The Riccioli Shampoo and Conditioner will hydrate and nourish your curls and waves. The Curl Defining Cream Soft Hold and Gel for Texture and Control Medium Hold is the perfect duo to create the perfect curl. Finally, you can obtain a more natural look and bouncy curls without the frizz and crunchiness. With Riccioli, you can dry your hair using a diffuser or leave it to air dry. Either way, I can assure you that you will see the difference and, better yet, people around you will too. Try Riccioli!

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