Ultimately, burning belly fat comes down to just one thing: Eating less calories than your body is burning off. If you do this then you will lose weight. Period. Getting a good calorie tracker such as MyNetDiary makes this so much easier. However, the habits you engage in daily will influence when and how many calories you consume throughout the day or burn off throughout the day. We have put together some key habits you can start to integrate into your day to ensure you’re losing weight, and keeping it off, remains easy and part of your lifestyle.
To be able to attain a fit, healthy, and toned body with “six-pack” abs, one can consider and master the following helpful habits. But don’t forget to track your calories and eat less than your body is burning… otherwise, these efforts will be worthless!
Eat Plenty of Soluble Fiber
Some of the most common soluble fiber-rich foods include:

– Oats
– Soybeans
– Apples
– Broccoli

Eat Whole Foods

Foods such as apples, broccoli, and almonds can satisfy the hunger for a longer period. Foods with fewer ingredients and are less processes are better solutions to achieving a fit and well-toned built and body.

Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea can be a great way to satiate cravings and urges. Every time you feel an urge, simply replace the bad food with a green tea.

Reduce your Stress Levels

It would be worth doing your own research into how you can become a more stress-free person. Stress is related to the hormone known as cortisol, which is responsible for the gain or the loss of weight. When the levels of this hormone increase due to stress, there is a higher tendency to gain weight. On the other hand, the decrease in the cortisol level will aid in losing weight. Thus, one should always maintain a stress-free life or better yet, manage its levels.

Hitting the Gym

This can be a difficult habit to initially master, but if you can push through the initial difficulty of going to the gym and persist for several months, it will become a habit that sticks with you for the rest of your life and becomes effortless.

Sleep like a Baby

Sleep is very important. One should have enough rest for the body to function properly. A complete sleep is also related to the hormones leptin and ghrelin which is involved in controlling hunger. Leptin serves as the thermostat which tells the amount of fat present in the body. On the other hand, ghrelin is the hormone released when one is hungry.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is bad for the health because of the toxins that destroy the growth and repairs in the body. Studies show that alcohol can stop and hinder the ability of the body to burn fat.

Get Motivated

Losing fat isn’t an overnight process. It involves the effort to be able to achieve the desired body weight. Set the goals, know the purpose and stick with them. Generate an affirmation. Don’t push yourself too hard. Take your time. Cherish every pain as this will serve as motivations in achieving the goal, which is burning belly fats. Keep working.


By Alice MacKenzie
(Edited By James Hardie).