For 2017 the team at Ouidad Salon by Chadwick and Igor located in Fort Lauderdale, FL created a color collection that was inspired by Goldwell’s In-flux theme for Color Zoom 2017. Color Zoom is an international competition held yearly. Top colorists from all over the world compete for 1st place. This year the show will be held in Barcelona Spain in early October. The team is excited to attend and be amongst like-minded individuals. This year’s theme is IN-FLUX.

Energy converges. Shapes merge. Color morphs. This is beauty IN-FLUX. Dark, elegant colors coalesce with mysterious iridescence, creating a new interplay of colors in the hair. Shape and color work seamlessly to create hair fashion with no discernible beginning or end. The atmospheric mood is reminiscent of deep twilight, a constantly changing interplay of shadows and radiance.

Once the collection was released last October, Chadwick and Igor’s team had approximately six months to put together their storyboard and bring their creation to life and have it photographed and then submitted for entry. The process is long and challenging. Model selection, color interpretation and placement, models wardrobe and make-up all must be carefully chosen. The judges are looking at every aspect of the final photo.

“From the very first thought to the very last minor detail this entire project was inspiring and rewarding on so many levels. Producing images like this show the talent and skill set of our team.” Chadwick Pendley, co-owner and Master Artistic Educator

“With this being the first year our team competed and produced this level of finished work one can only imagine what beautiful and creative things will manifest in the years to come.” -Krisitine Bunce (Lead Colorist and Director of Education of TruStar Salon Services)

“This collection was a great way to push the limits of our team” says Igor Araujo, co-owner and Goldwell Technical Artist– “This collection showcases dark, elegant colors fused together to create an iridescent interplay of colors. All of the looks have a dark and moody vibration combined with movement and fluidity which help to create a great marriage for the color and cut.” “The iridescent effect is characterized by shaded roots and a combination of dynamic, eccentric colors on the surface” claims Araujo.

“I loved being part of the Color Zoom competition. Just thinking about it has my artistic creativeness flowing. Working on this project with our whole team was not only team building it was also inspiring to see that everyone around me was also giving it their all” (Caroline da Silva-Colorist)

“Entering 2017 Goldwell Color Zoom was the most exciting yet challenging thing I’ve ever done. I fell in love with the In-flux collection. It forced me to think outside of the box and boosted my creativity to the max! I honestly can’t wait to go to Barcelona in October and see the Influx collection live on stage and then see what the inspiration for next year’s collection is going to be!” (Amanda Craighead, Stylist)

By Igor Araujo