A year ago, I decided to build this medium called Performing Artist Mastermind in order to thoroughly provide emotional and psychological support to artists. I cover seven modules in eight weeks, each requiring the artist’s full attention, focus, and dedication to build a healthy and stable mindset while in pursuit of a career in the arts. Awareness is the essence of the program, but essential components are health and fitness. It cannot be stressed enough why this topic needs to be addressed in the world of performing arts.

In any part of the performing arts industry, the environment is not seldom encouraging to health. Artists work in congested spaces, they’re sleep-deprived, and they work all kinds of hours, and the last thing on their minds is a healthy bite. Making healthy choices to sustain this kind of lifestyle is not usually mentioned as an essential part of having success as an artist.

If you are a performing artist in Miami, you should know about Roya Siroospour. She has helped performing artists optimize their personal well-being amid such a hectic and tiresome lifestyle. The result of working with Roya is a strong physical and mental self that is paramount for performing artists who desire energy, vitality, and mental clarity. She creates challenges that develop and maintain healthy habits and regimens that establish the energy, vitality, and mental clarity that the life of a successful artist demands. What makes Roya unique is that she has the abilities to recognize and develop individualized very specific and detailed goals, which is imperative because this journey is so personal.

RoyaFit’s vision

Roya Siroospour

is to lead the world of fitness through diverse, inspired, top quality, unsurpassed fitness experiences with a mission to consistently create luxury fitness experiences through exceptional service, through which both clients and team members experience the highest levels of fulfillment.

With over 20 years of experience, Roya draws on her broad background of fitness certifications and specialty fitness formats/techniques and has built an extensive network of peers and fitness industry professionals. She has been featured on Deco Drive, and internationally on CNN and Telemundo, and her custom branded fitness formats have been adopted and launched by top gyms in both North and South America. Roya has managed fitness departments and served as regional director for some of the nation’s top health club chains. She is known for recruiting top trainers and instructors, with an eye for discovering and mentoring up-and-coming talent in the industry.

By: Cassandra Claude