Many people carry something extra with them every day: love handles, a spare tire, belly bulge, a stomach pooch. Unwelcomed stomach fat is an unfortunate fact of life for young and old, men and women.

Your shape is affected by many events in your life: aging, pregnancy, weight gain and activity levels can all affect your form. As you grow older, you lose muscle tone and accumulate fat across the stomach, making your waist heavier. Even young women, who are otherwise very thin, can have a lower belly bulge that won’t improve with diet and exercise.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With abdominal tumescent liposuction, you can wear that bikini or Speedo, shop at those trendy stores in the mall and have that waistline that you have always dreamed of. At NOBU Medical Spa, we offer free consultation to help you decide what your best option is.

Having a tumescent liposuction surgeon eliminate your belly fat with liposculpture is much easier and safer that undergoing a traditional tummy tuck. The process is simple:

You are given a local anesthetic to numb the area.

Your liposculpture surgeon places two small incisions in the upper and lower abdomen to begin the suctioning process with a small cannula only about 3 to 4 mm wide.

Your surgeon uses slow, gentle movements to remove the fat, meaning limited pain, fewer bruises and a rapid recovery for you.

Tumescent liposuction patients need only light sedation, and most patients are back at work in one or two days. Unlike laser procedures that only shrink the fat cells temporary, tumescent liposuction is permanent. Tumescent liposuction produces noticeable results, leaving you with a sculpted, flatter abdomen and a more defined waist.


Both men and women benefit from abdominal liposuction. Because moderate amounts of fat can be removed, patients see a more defined waist and smaller abdominal circumference. Men can regain definition, giving them the six-pack abs they have always wanted. Women can recapture the smooth, flat abdomen from their younger years, even after pregnancy. Thin women can finally be free of their stubborn lower belly pooch. And at NOBU Medical Spa, we do this with tumescent liposuction, to make recovery quick and post-op bruising and pain minimal.


Patients who are in general good health with excess fat on the abdomen can benefit from liposculpture.