I immigrated to this country 40 years ago with my parents from Ukraine and have lived in Miami ever since. Even though I didn’t make the decision on my own, if I could go back, I would have done it the same way because I am drawn to the beach, sun, and the palm trees.

Elaine Kroytor – Holistic Therapist

I grew up in an immigrant household. We came to this country without money or speaking the language. I encountered a completely different lifestyle—having to learn a new language, adapt to a new environment, and be able to practice religion openly. I’ve been able to immerse myself in a community of diverse people who embrace multiculturalism, healthy lifestyle choices, and decreased stress.

Your holistic approach includes distinct practices from several cultures. In an age when knowledge in medicinal and wellness therapies is becoming increasingly globalized, how do you choose what to focus on?

Combining my history, experiences, and background, I was able to narrow down my passion for creating personal wellness goals for others to sustain a healthy lifestyle through a multidisciplinary approach. I have never been one to stick to one answer, but instead, focus on the importance of various options in order to achieve lifelong wellness. I listen to the needs of my clients and develop a trusting connection so I can custom tailor the best treatment for them. The top five characteristics I look for when developing my program are detoxification, stress reduction, enhanced sleep, lifestyle, and hydration.

On that note, have you been keen on any common themes or trends within the methodology of these practices?

One of the common and trending themes within my practice would be lymphatic drainage. Over the years, this has become a more popular treatment due to the daily stressors in everyday life. And as we know, stress is one of the significant toxins in the body. In fact, many believe that poor lymph health underlies a host of conditions from cellulite to cancer. This practice is a vital key to wellness. The treatment of electro-sound lymphatic drainage allows for detoxification of the lymphatic system, a system that supports every other system in the body including the immune, digestive, detoxification, and nervous systems. Lymphatic drainage is extremely beneficial and an often-missed component of true health.

To what extent does the spiritual factor play a role in your healing?

I believe spirituality and my relationship with Kabbalah and Ayurveda helped me heal personally by providing me with specific tools to adapt to a different way of thinking. I learned how to change my thoughts and reactions to daily stressors through positive thinking and gratitude. I incorporate these tools and knowledge of appreciation, positive thinking, and listening to my client’s needs when developing individual treatment.

In what ways have you witnessed internal wellness affect the aesthetic?

When you incorporate daily routines of hydration, clean eating, decreased stress, body brushing, and meditation, you vastly affect your aesthetic. These routines help prevent and reverse the aging process through internal balance. Beauty is inside and out, so when we detoxify the body, feeling good becomes the new looking good. When the internal lymphatic system is clean and everything is flowing, the aesthetic wholeness happens at a much faster speed.

What have you learned in terms of running a successful business?

Systems are the most essential tools in business operations and growth. We approach our business management in the same manner as we address our patients’ issues. We create operational systems that integrate personnel, marketing, and quality products that we can duplicate from location to location.

How do you hope to better educate those who are not familiar with a holistic approach to health?

My goal is to help people. We try involving the community because prevention is truly the key to longevity. I hope to better educate people who do not have background knowledge of the holistic approach through lectures, educational seminars, outreach programs, and daily wellness routines. I also hope to bring these practices to employees and create outside health events to raise awareness for holistic methods.


The best education, however, is through experience. We have several treatments that we dubbed “ticket to the door.” They are short, inexpensive, and provide immediate visible results. Those products serve as a starting point for the conversation about health, wellness, and natural beauty. Some of those services are computer energy analysis, instant cryo facelift, ionic detox, and the food inflammation test.

Are there misconceptions about any of your techniques that you’d like to clarify for our readers?

I hear this statement daily: I eat right and exercise, but I still can’t get to my ideal weight! The misconception is that food and exercise are the only two factors in weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes. In reality, the key to health is a decongested lymphatic system and removing toxins from the body. It’s important to know that stress is one of the biggest culprits! We need to eliminate stress or decrease it first, before focusing on the known eating and exercise routine.

Most of my patients see tremendous improvement rates when we reset them. Once healthy lifestyle changes are made and patients see the results, there are additional therapies, such as the salt float bath to help improve sleep, decrease stress levels, and infuse your body with much-needed magnesium, that can help create more improvements. Another example is cryotherapy. By aiding the body to revive, recharge, and boost the metabolism, these additional therapies help as much as eating right and exercising do.

What separates the work you and Dr. Turovskiy are doing from what others in your field do?

What sets us apart is our integrative approach to the health and beauty concerns most women have. We want our patients to feel good and look great. Whether a cosmetic, physical, or emotional issue, we address all aspects simultaneously. We offer many cutting-edge treatments not readily available such as floatation, cryoskin, cryo facelift, “Intrepid” no-needle acupuncture, among others, and combine them.

Dr. Turovskiy and I have a clear mission to bring the unique wellness of floatation, cryotherapy, and infrared sauna as the new paradigm shift in daily spa rituals. We add a wealth of information and create valuable programs for the spa-goers and the respective staff.

How does your relationship with Carillon Miami Wellness Resort facilitate the mission you have here in South Florida?

Carillon is the ultimate wellness destination and we have a unique team of dedicated wellness concierge, personal trainers, and therapists.

BONUS: Is there anything fun or interesting about yourself that you’d like to share with our readers?

I have two incredible kids, my pride and joy, who are taking after their parents in healthcare and engineering. A fun fact, and helpful de-stresser for me is that whenever I’m having a challenging moment, Nina Simone helps me get through that.

Elaine Kroytor is a highly trained aesthetic therapist who works alongside Dr. Turovskiy at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. She’s proud to hold an advanced certification in electro-sound lympathic drainage therapy. She’s also a lifestyle coach and a registered diagnostic medical sonographer who’s been practicing for 25 years.

All services performed at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort also include complimentary access to our EuropeanThermal Experienceone of the country’s largest hydrotherapy circuits with nine hot and cold suites—where each thermal suite is designed to stimulate circulation, relieve pain, decrease stress, and rejuvenate the body.