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Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino

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The possibility for fresh starts has always been important to me.


Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino specializes in Preventative Medicine and Vitality, including certifications in Family Medicine and Advanced Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino is reinventing the way you approach your annual physical exam. The tried and true staple of most patients’ yearly interactions with their primary care doctor, to Dr. Tolentino this often cursory check-in presents an opportunity for so much more. Along with her colleagues at EliteHealth, Dr. Tolentino views the standard wellness examination she administers to most of her patients as an opportunity to dig deep into every component of your overall health, compiling test results and blood work like a key from which important insight into the future of your health can be decoded and scrutinized. Amidst the specialized vernacular of medical test results, she is able to prescribe comprehensive wellness plans for each of her individual patients, designed to address and correct serious issues, often before an individual experiences a single symptom.

Nothing about EliteHealth’s Miami Beach office suggests anything less than a firm commitment to looking forward, never back. Bright and perfectly streamlined, with compact modern furniture and no shortage of glowing digital screens of all varieties, the office specializes in wellness medicine and quite consciously hints at a kind of boutique atmosphere. It’s here that Dr. Tolentino spends most of her days practicing a very specific brand of medicine, a brand that has come to define the EliteHealth 360 approach. Compiling a staggering body of services under one roof, the Elite 360 model seeks to place medical wellness, stress management, nutrition, fitness and life coaching all within easy reach of every patient. And ease of accessibility is certainly the watchword at EliteHealth, where patients are provided with complete digital access to their doctors and medical records, through online portals and responsive digital communication. If the technology on display during routine consultations—physicians are equipped with iPads and patient’s test results appear on sleek displays mounted to the walls of each exam room—suggests a forward thinking approach, it’s what’s going on behind the scenes that differentiates EliteHealth from other practices.

Nationally recognized as one of the top ten wellness programs in the country, EliteHealth is bursting at the seams with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and the most comprehensive assortment of specialty testing available. From in-depth cancer screenings to sophisticated cardiac diagnostics, Dr. Tolentino has an impressive box of tools from which to draw when conducting one of the practice’s signature wellness exams. If the EliteHealth philosophy could be summarized briefly, it might go something like this: prevention, prevention, prevention. When asked about how she impresses the importance of this philosophy onto her patients, she responds confidently, “I don’t have to convince them – they see how important prevention is by reflecting on their own lives and the lives of their family members.”

Once Dr. Tolentino narrows in on a problem area, her arsenal of techniques for addressing the situation is equally as sophisticated as her methods for spotting it. IV micronutrient therapy is one of her specialties at Elite; the process utilizes an extremely accurate diagnostic blood test to target specific nutritional and antioxidant deficiencies at the cellular level, which are then corrected through customized dosages delivered via IV therapy. Dr. Tolentino isn’t just adept at correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies; she’s also certified in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a type of therapy meant to alleviate the symptoms of hormone loss associated with aging. She champions this breakthrough in hormone therapy specifically because it relies on natural hormones, which don’t carry the adverse side-effects and risks associated with the synthetic hormones of yesterday. “With bioidentical hormones, women no longer need to suffer menopausal symptoms with no relief and men don’t need to suffer hormonal changes either,” shared Dr. Tolentino.

At a practice serving more than fifty-thousand patients throughout the country, one might assume it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. But the opposite couldn’t be more true at EliteHealth and that’s almost certainly the result of physicians like Dr. Tolentino. Empathetic yet practical, she brings a certain level of efficiency and pragmatism to her approach when it comes to treating patients. These qualities are initially what drew her to EliteHealth—the depth of the practice’s abundance of resources, combined with the one-on-one approach to treatment, is ideally suited to her style of care. Dr. Tolentino doesn’t mind going down every avenue when it comes to diagnostics and treatment, allowing her to take the extra step with every single one of her patients. While a different sort of doctor may be content to administer an echocardiogram and a stress test during a routine cardiac screening, Dr. Tolentino enjoys the type of resources that allow her to order additional tests, such as coronary calcium scans, known within the field as one of the best predictors of heart attack currently available. If all signs point to potential trouble in the future, EliteHealth offers groundbreaking treatment options including Plaquex and EDTA Chelation, therapies intended to target and remove toxins and LDL cholesterol deposits in the arteries, while simultaneously allowing for optimal blood flow and encouraging cellular healing.

It’s not just prevention that motivates this thorough, no-stone-unturned process. In keeping with EliteHealth’s emphasis on forward thinking technologies, the EliteHealth Research Institute serves as a conduit between patients and upcoming clinical trials in which they may be eligible to participate. This puts Dr. Tolentino and her patients at the forefront of the latest research associated with a host of common and pressing ailments. EliteHealth is currently overseeing the participation of several of its patients in a clinical trial involving medication absorption and advancements in the management of cholesterol and the treatment of diabetes.

Any physician would be thrilled to have access to the abundance of new and groundbreaking technology available at EliteHealth, but that isn’t the only factor that ignites Dr. Tolentino’s enthusiasm for the practice. It’s the way the EliteHealth model so naturally aligns with her philosophy of care. Dr. Tolentino is the kind of doctor that likes to devote real time and energy into painting a thorough picture of her patients’ health; she believes that overall health is a complex and nuanced state that requires thorough analysis to reach any accurate or viable conclusions. EliteHealth is the kind of practice that allows her to take as much time as she feels necessary to attend to each of her patients, getting to work with them to build a very specific portrait of health, a starting place for all future improvements and adjustments. It’s not a model of care that’s easy to find within the healthcare system right now and the physicians at EliteHealth are practicing it at a rarefied level every day in their Miami Beach office. But even a battery of the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the field can’t substitute for one of the most critical elements of personal wellness—a patient’s rapport with their physician. It’s on this count that Dr. Tolentino hopes to exceed all of her patients’ expectations. Seated across from her in her inviting, well-appointed office, it’s difficult to imagine anyone as invested in their personal health as she is. And that’s exactly what she’s aiming for.

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