Janet Cavazos got her first exposure to the car business at a very young age. Her grandfather, who she was very close to, owned a lot in San Antonio, and on hot summer days, she would often join him in stopping by dealerships to pick up wholesale cars to resell. It was a tough racket, but it is where she got her passion for the automotive business.

Her father was also a great example, and helped furthered her path in the business as a third generation car dealer. And in those developmental years, not only did she become increasingly familiar with the people and places of her hometown, but she developed a love for steel, oil, and engines that were ultimately rivaled by few.

At 17, she capitalized on this experience and was able to work as her Grandpa’s office assistant and store clerk.  By this time, she was already deeply familiar with cars, but this was her first in-depth exposure to the businesses side of it. Here, Janet became aware of intricacies that were previously unknown to her. These were lessons that she would carry throughout her entire career because, either by fate or pure intention, she ended up marrying the man who would open Cavazos Auto Sales, Alfonso Cavazos, and has been married to him for 37 years. Over the past 21 years, they have proceeded to build a legacy out of what started as a single dealership.

“Janet exhibits the strength of a Texan woman who has never been intimidated by the predominance of men in her field.”

In 2010, Janet and her husband became partners at the Mercedes-Benz of San Juan dealership in the Rio Grande Valley. There, Janet managed the Customer Care Center and soon after, the couple became partners in three other San Juan dealerships. In her new role, Janet was in charge of hiring processes, public relations, and event planning. Today, she and her husband own the Acura dealership that serves the entire Rio Grande Valley and South Texas. It is at Acura of the Rio Grande Valley where Janet dedicates herself to Customer Care and Public Relations while still heavily involved in all aspects of the business.

Aside from her career, Janet Cavazos has a deep commitment to her family and is a woman of faith. She has mothered three children and had four grandkids whom she loves eternally. She looks up to her husband, whom she credits for having taught her so much about work ethic and attitude. There is still so much to learn from him, she asserts, and not just about the car business, but about dependability, loyalty, and caring for others.  Janet also has the utmost respect and admiration for her parents, who have been married for 60 years now and have taught her more about dependability and loyalty than anyone else.

Janet exhibits the strength of a Texan woman who has never been intimidated by the predominance of men in her field. She listens to advice and refines her skill with consistent effort so that nobody can ever tell her that she’s lesser, or that she can’t accomplish anything they can.

To women looking to pursue a career in business, she advises that one should stay solution-oriented, work diligently, help as many people as possible, and, most importantly, have fun.

By Andres Portillo