Building a better man might sound like every woman’s dream job, but for an innovative and highly intuitive entrepreneur, the seemingly divine out-of-this-world concept became his calling. From a simple yet highly marketable idea was born Menprovement. The brainchild behind the popular self-development website aimed solely at men was Sean Russell.

In 2013, he founded the site with the intention of creating a hub for men of all ages, nationalities, and socio-economic status to converge to find information that spoke to them on their level and helped them to improve their lives, and hopefully, improve their relationships. Anything from dating advice to fashion advice, diet and exercise tips, to anything and everything in between and beyond that appeals to men and their issues, problems, or areas of interest that speak to them and where they are in life or where they want to be in life is thoroughly evaluated, discussed, and vetted by experts and laymen alike. That information is shared via their community, and their concepts have been incorporated into countless lives for the betterment of all who follow the advice, practices, or techniques. While not strictly a health website, it is a place where men can come together to find ways to improve their health and wellness, while also learning new ways of thinking or doing any number of things from how to properly ask a woman out on a date, to how not to leave a bad impression, to what kind of exercises to do to increase your stamina, and so much more.

Since its first “print,” it has quickly transformed into a one-stop shop for highly reliable and relatable information that its growing readership and devoted fans can turn to when they have a question or are looking for new ways of doing things. Since its inception, it has become far more than just an information sharing site. It has morphed into an ever-growing community with legions of fans eagerly following them every step of the way.

As the world becomes more connected via multiple social media channels and mediums, Sean and Menprovement’s CEO, Artur Kot has taken their messages of empowerment and positive change to the “airwaves.” In addition to their website, they now host a podcast where they showcase even more expertise and knowledge. You can find the podcast episodes here: There, you’ll find the same great information Menprovement is known for with the added benefit of hearing directly from the experts themselves. This interactive platform allows for questions from their listeners in real-time. It has proven to be a great way to continue to get their message out to the masses via a medium that their fans are comfortable with, minus the hassles.

Like their website, their academy has grown exponentially, now boasting hundreds of eager to learn members. The Menprovement Academy per its website is “an all-inclusive training community for men who want to reach their highest potential and live exceptional lives.” On staff are experts in many fields of discipline. Those experts coach hail from all over the globe. Their experiences and know-how enhance the learning experience. Together with its member community, they brainstorm innovative ideas, mull over long-held misconceptions, and work together to enrich and empower the men they serve and train them to go back out into the world feeling better about themselves, with new skills in hand, and new ways of approaching any problem whether it be in their interpersonal relationships, their love relationships, their business relationships, or their relationships with themselves. They teach men to live with authenticity, to honor integrity, and to reach beyond their comfort zones to find their best selves.

Sean and his team have taken their coined term Menprovement and spearheaded other campaigns to improve the lives of their male readership.

Lifeprovement, a subsection of the Menprovement movement, offers ways to improve the everyday aspects of a man’s life like how to choose the right haircut that won’t make you look like a man-child to the importance of downtime for stress relief to money matters and choosing the right outfit for any occasion.

Mindprovement focuses on cerebral topics like the latest scientific research, addiction, studying peak performance levels, and the latest technology and how that will impact lives.

Gymprovement teaches men everything they need to know about how to get those coveted sculpted muscles to what foods to eat to increase bulk and which foods to avoid to if you’re trying to lose weight and so many other related topics that men want to learn about but might not have ever asked.

Sean and Artur are living proof that a dream can become a reality, and their readers are proof that anyone, no matter their lot in life, their financial status, or their location can grow, learn, and make great strides in life, one step at a time. Menprovement and its subsidiaries are more than a place where men can go to find up-to-date health, wellness, and lifestyle information. It has quickly become the ‘mecca’ for life-altering, sometimes groundbreaking information that can positively impact lives across the globe. Although it may not have been their initial goal, its valuable information, insights, and observations have sparked a movement – a movement that they are sure will continue to grow and thrive in our ever-changing world. But one thing is for sure, empowering men to be their best selves will never be out of date or passe. Legions of men and women will appreciate all the lessons learned and all the lessons that are sure to come in upcoming articles, podcast episodes, academy graduates, and from within the growing community of likeminded men from across the globe.

To connect with the folks from Menprovement, you can simply log on to their website and join the community here: or listen to their lively discussions on their podcast here: A community of men from all over the world join them every day to share ideas, share woes, encourage others to aspire for more, and to join together to make their lives and the lives of men and women all over the world better.

By Claudia Portillo