Who doesn’t love a simple, no-equipment-required workout that can be done in just 20 minutes? After all, it’s been proven that shorter bursts of exercise can yield the same results as one long workout. Think about it. You don’t necessarily have to wake up early. You don’t have to give up your entire evening. You don’t even have to forgo your lunch hour. Anyone can spare 20 minutes.

Forget about the four-hour sessions at the gym. Don’t force yourself to get through a marathon running session before the sun comes up or goes down. They’re not necessary for an everyday boost. Sometimes you just need something you can do at home or while you’re on vacation. If you want to get moving wherever you are, there are workouts that give you the same benefits as a gym workout.

A bodyweight workout gives you all the same benefits without bulky equipment and gym membership fees. Using your own body weight as resistance is the perfect thing to do.

Each of these moves is easily searchable on the internet or you may remember some from your junior high school gym class. Trust us, we’re not reinventing the wheel with these fat-busting moves. So, grab your tennis shoes, turn on some tunes, and let’s get ready to get your heart rate pumping!

Begin with a hearty warm-up routine.

In 20-second intervals, do jumping jacks, squats, then an inchworm walkout with shoulder tap. Do these through two complete circuits.

It’s time for a circuit workout.

Perform each of the following for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds between each move. Repeat the entire circuit twice. Begin with squat thrusts, then blast-off push-ups, pendulum lunges, mountain climber twists, pause squats, and planks. Repeat.

It’s time for the burnout ladder portion of the routine! These are one rep each, then, increase to two reps, then three reps, etc., until you get as high as you can in three minutes. Start with a touchdown jack, shoulder taps, then, burpees.

Don’t forget the cool-down!

Do each of these moves for 10-30 seconds. A child’s pose first, then downward facing dog, forward folds, standing quad stretches, then shoulder circles.

That’s it. Your workout is done! It’s that easy. Take note of how you feel. You’ll want to do these again and again.

There are no more reasons to skip your workout. Everyone has twenty-minutes somewhere in the day to get their heart pumping, a little sweat dripping, and a good workout in.

If these aren’t the kind of exercises you love, try something else like a brisk walk in the neighborhood, a quick run on a nearby trail, a hike through the woods, or a run on the beach. It doesn’t matter where you do them—easy and effective workouts are doable anywhere.

By Karla Morgan