In today’s world, with new technology for haircare developed daily, many still follow the old belief system and become confused about facts versus myths.

How often have you been told that to grow your hair faster, the best time for a haircut is when there’s a full moon? Or perhaps you’ve heard you shouldn’t pluck your gray hairs because you’ll grow more. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular myths about hair and separate fact from fiction.


Wash your hair every OTHER day.

The best thing you can do for your hair is to wash it every other day instead of daily. Washing your hair more than that stops the distribution of natural oils along the hair shaft, which gives it a natural shine. There are many products designed to help with excess oil and sweat if a daily wash is necessary.

However, the more frequently you wash your hair, the oilier it will become, so if you want or need to shampoo, use a dry shampoo between washes.


Hair grows faster if it’s cut during a full moon or during a crescent moon.

False. Hair grows at the same rate regardless of what’s happening in the universe. The only things that promote hair growth are a healthy diet, sleeping well, and lowering your stress levels.


Apply hair treatments from the middle to the ends.

A hair treatment is a mix of oils and moisturizing agents that make your hair soft and manageable and help prevent tangled hair. If you apply the treatment to your scalp, it will produce more oil than normal. When you apply, go from the middle of the strands to the ends, massage lightly, and leave on for about ten minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Try to find a hair treatment or mask like one we have in Rocco Donna Professional Ultra Nourishing Mask. Its formula was specially created with our clients in mind. We add the unique complex Rocco Xotic Oil Complex, a balance of ten healing and essential oils, to protect and nourish your hair with every application.


If you pluck a white hair, you’ll get two more.

What happens is your gray hair comes out little by little but gradually grows in groups. If you pluck a cane, it takes several months to grow back; meanwhile, others are making an appearance. Keep in mind, you are not the product of what you plucked. They appeared because they were supposed to.


My hair is falling out more than ever… I’m balding!

This is both fact and myth. Like your skin, your hair reboots every seven years. It’s normal to find hair on your pillow or in your shower. It’s part of the hair growth process. As the hair ages, it becomes structurally weaker. It’s more prone to tangling, is rougher in texture, and turns gray. You may experience bald spots or find finer hair on the side of your head or your crown.

There is a treatment with phytonutrients and proteins combined with lavender oil that works at the cellular level to stimulate and regenerate dormant hair follicles. Super resilient cells can replace damaged ones, allowing hair to grow healthier, providing thicker and fuller hair with plenty of body and bounce. Superfruit and plant extracts help to prepare the scalp by removing buildup and stimulating blood flow to further aid in hair growth.

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