the_new_anti_aging_therapy_the_orthomolecular_medicineTaking into account our modern life, one that is moving at a fast pace, working long hours in contaminated environments can make our physical and mental body age prematurely and cause the rise of free radicals in our blood. Because of this, cellular apoptosis can happen, and it is necessary to take steps toward a new medicine called the Orthomolecular Medicine.

Dr. Linus Pauling (Double Nobel Prize Winner), in 1968, created the term, Orthomolecular Medicine, and he defined it as the Optimal Molecule (from the Greek word: Orto-Optimal).

Orthomolecular medicine is part of the principle that a disease does not exist; what exists is the malnutrition of the cell; thus, it involves returning the optimal concentration of natural substances that are present in our organisms, with the purpose of correcting alterations for the lack or excess of nutrients to reach or maintain good health.

Orthomolecular medicine holds that health is the result of optimal nutrition, capable of supplying an optimal biochemical environment to all cells in the human body, being that the disease is no more than the product of an environment that has become unbalanced and chemically altered.

The treatment is a four-step process, performed through a IV Therapy.

Detoxification: The purpose of detoxification is to eliminate the toxic residues and heavy metal that could happen, eventually, in order to get a bigger nutrient assimilation.

Nutrition: Optimal molecules nourish any lacking that could exist.

Restoration: Nourish the organ or damaged system, with trace minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.

Maintenance: Correct and guide the individual in a healthy, rightful way of proper nutrition.

IV Therapy

Treatment based on the intravenous application of Physiological Solution with bioregulatory medicine with the purpose of improving the patient’s health produces wellness and favors their physical aspect.  All of these achieve the healthy functioning of the organism and prevent Immunodeficiency disorders by applying vitamins, trace elements, and natural biological pharmaceuticals according to their specific needs, such as getting thinner, clearing skin, and enhancing the health of internal organs.

The detoxification of the organism is one of the primary indications of IV Therapy because this activates the immune system and carries out the elimination of its toxins.

When combined with several natural medicaments in serum, you enhance the therapeutic effects, observing the honest recovery of the patient.

The effect of IV Therapy is it’s seen in a quick way, allowing the patient to reestablish the normal functions of the affected organs, regain vitality, and live a full life, as this helps to optimize the physical and intellectual performance.

IV Therapy is administered according to the needs of each person. Follow your doctor’s recommendations for optimal results. Each treatment lasts about 30 minutes.

Generally on a first appointment, depending on the diagnostic, the doctor will prescribe the proper scheme for the patient, as well as the formula of the IV Therapy  that the organism requires and the number of sessions required to apply the treatment.

The most frequent uses of IV Therapy are for detoxification, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, migraines, gastritis, depression and anxiety, viral infections, sinusitis (acute and chronic), and addictions (nicotine, alcohol, drugs and others). IV Therapy acts faster than oral medication as the intravenous application has an immediate effect on the organism.

There are many professionals you can consult with about IV Therapy. Always search for a doctor that takes time to educate their patients on the benefits of treatments such as these, as well as the follow-up needed to ensure the best results possible.

Co-written by Maydeline Moreno and Yraida de Canales