It’s been said that everyone wants skin as smooth and pure as babies’ skin. The suppleness and elasticity are something we all crave for our own skin. The natural, milky skin is the epitome of perfection, but despite what you may think about the blemish-free skin, infants and children of all ages do require professional intervention from time to time.

Dr. Giovanna Ciocca, M.D. and her team of skincare experts specialize in kids’ skincare. They’ve received extensive training to provide the utmost care for their patients during the most precious part of their lives.

Proper skincare requires a lifelong commitment. Dr. Ciocca’s team has dedicated themselves to helping children and their families take proper care of their skin. The team’s extensive knowledge and training allows them to offer the best comprehensive care.

Using the most up-to-date technology and innovative treatments, Dr. Ciocca’s patients can be sure they’ll receive the best results. This team treats from the most common skin conditions to more extensive dermatological issues such as skin diseases and vascular malformations. The team treats infants and children with blemishes like discoloration, birthmark malformations, adolescent acne, molluscums, scars, and more. Their all-in-one care provides for an excellent experience even for the youngest of their patients.

Certified specifically to care for and treat children on their level with their unique needs in mind, Dr. Ciocca and associates have made it their mission to ensure every child they meet receives the best care possible. Their passion and dedication to the care of their patients is evident in everything they do.

Dr. Ciocca and her team of specialists set out to build a practice that they and their patients can be proud of. They strive every day to learn and grow and keep their patients informed and up-to-date with all the latest news, studies, treatments, and options for them to garner the best results possible. They are a team who truly cares about what they do and the people they are fortunate to meet and provide care for in their organization.

You can schedule an appointment with any one of their specialists by calling (305) 273-7998 or visiting their website at Their office is located at 7001 Southwest 97th Avenue,
Suite #101.