First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

I want this article to serve as a guide to better posture. We could say it’s a posture corrector in the form of an article.

Look around the room. Do you have at least one other person with you? If not, imagine that you do. Maybe you’re at school, work, at the gym, or in a coffee shop. Regardless of where you are, look at who is with you. How are they presenting themselves? What is their mood? What are they emoting? Look at their posture.

After answering those questions, assess yourself. What are the chances you’d ap-proach someone who gives off that vibe? Would you hire them for a job, ask them out on a date, or strike up a conversation with them?

Can you feel the tension in your body? If you can feel it, others can see it. Your posture is your first and, in some cases, the last impression you leave with people. To judge is human, even it feels wrong, but everyone judges others.

If you’re slouching with slumped shoulders, an arched back, and a scowl on your face, the perception is you’re tired, irritated, and quite possibly less confident and weak. Let’s not mince words. One shouldn’t change who they are for other people, but if you want better opportunities in life, your body language (posture) should be addressed.

Creating Change

Prepare yourself for change with these simple steps:

1. Make the commitment. Acknowledge and accept that you need to tweak a few things.
2. Take it slow. Don’t try an all or nothing approach. To create a change, you need consistent effort.
3. Know what’s right for you. Listen to your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.
4. Know when to ask for help. Sometimes help is necessary.

Posture Correctors

– A posture brace is a quick, relatively easy fix if you find practicing on your own too difficult. You can wear a brace under your clothes. It cinches around your shoulders and abdomen to secure your posture. Over time, it will tighten the muscles and train your brain to create the habit.
– Slow, deep breaths will automatically cause your back, neck, muscles to lengthen as you draw in for air. This can be a quick fix for your posture, if you keep the stance. Try to hold your breath for longer periods of time.
– The benefits are stretching are endless and excellent ways to lengthen your spine and improve your posture.

Long-term Goals

A vital part of living a long, healthy, and happy life is making certain your body is as healthy as possible. Eat right. Sleep right. Don’t overstimulate your brain, but also, don’t let it go stagnant. Challenge your body and mind. Stay active and try to maintain a healthy posture.

By Frank Apodaca