revolutionary system that blends a multitude of stress reduction programs, methods, and successful techniques, Quantic Bio-Feedback Therapy merges them into a simple, well-rounded approach that will contribute to optimizing damage. With sixteen electrical factors of the body, this innovative technology calculates combinations of capacitance, inductance, amperage, impedance, and resistance for EPFX, Electro-Physiological Reactivity.

While the above features may sound intriguing, what do they mean to the average layperson? Similar to what a computer program does when it scans for errors, mal-adaptions, and anything that may be detrimental to the overall capability of the computer, EPFX essentially does the same thing for your body. It looks for abnormalities, imbalances, inconsistencies, and more. For instance, it will recognize allergies, food sensitivities, potentially dangerous conditions, and dysfunctions. What it does with that information is alert practitioners as to areas of concern, and in turn, focuses on those specific areas of weakness to reverse or stop the damage.

Because the body is an advanced electrical system, it makes scientific sense to use the trifecta of systems to analyze and identify abnormalities in the body. The connection between electrical impulses and systematic problems is remarkable. Some ten thousand additional areas of concern can be identified using this innovative system. The picture painted by Quantum SCIO EPFX Biofeedback and your body’s reactions can help create a better understanding of your individual factors as they pertain to your overall lifestyle and wellness. It will help optimize the quality and quantity of stress reduction on your body, it will address areas that are most typically affected by life’s stressors, and it works to help heal the chakras and brainwave patterns to calm and soothe the body’s system.

With this simple, yet powerful device, a practitioner connects a device to the client via a head strap, an ankle strap, and a wrist strap. The principal premise for this device and its components is to use the body’s natural electrical energy to help heal itself if the right combination of conditions and stimuli are provided. Once the client is aware of the possibilities and becomes familiar with the deficiencies and weak areas, they will be inspired to make small, but significant changes to improve their overall wellness.

This system makes it possible to query the body for acute and chronic conditions. When it receives that information, it will innately know what to do, correct the issues, and regain a proper balance with a focused, energetic therapy.It recognizes vitamin levels and takes note of nutritional imbalances, viruses, imbalanced hormone levels, and more, then creates a comprehensive report and begins the work of training the body to reverse the impact and align the numbers to ‘normal’ levels.

Not only is this procedure wonderful for adults; it is also an excellent tool for nonverbal people like young children. While it doesn’t replace the care of a doctor or alternative healing therapies, it can complement those practices and become part of a comprehensive plan of care.

With ongoing research, this procedure continues to show long-term promise. With no special clothing needed, a client can expect informal sessions, a short scan devoid of pain, a thorough analysis once the procedure is done, and measurable results in a relatively short amount of time.

People young and old have benefited from EPFX procedures. Conditions that have responded well include ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), chronic insomnia, learning disabilities, hypertension, physical injuries, chronic pain, weight loss, addictions, migraines, infections, and anxiety.

The answer to significant stress reduction and the reversal of already sustained damage may lie in the innovative EPFX procedure. As with any procedure, do your due diligence. This procedure just may be what you need to help improve your well-being in a short amount of time.

By Maydeline Moreno