For over a decade Juicee founder Sarah Roach travelled the world as a professional model. In a profession with such high standards and little compassion, it is sort of a requirement for her to stay looking her best. It took a little bit of everything, including exercise and good social skills, to keep her at the top of her game, but what really kept grabbing Sarah’s attention was nutrition and the effects that diet can have on the body. After years of passive learning through people in the industry, she came across juicing, which, quite frankly, left a marked change on her life. This newly spouted passion meant she always made room for a juicer in her suitcase. Free time was spent at local markets selecting fruits and vegetables, and late nights were spent honing original recipes.

“Every morning in Sydney, I went to this juice bar. A mother of four grew the business from a local hangout to one of the largest juice franchises in the world. This woman inspired me.”

Then she moved to Australia, a country that, as of late, has blossomed into a haven for health enthusiasts. It was truly a moment of fundamental change for Sarah as she partook in a community in which there was a juice bar on every corner and people were happy, active and concerned about their health. It made her want to do more and bring this kind of mentality stateside. Freshly motivated to help others achieve their personal health and fitness goals, she studied intensively holistic nutrition.

“Every morning in Sydney, I went to this juice bar. A mother of four grew the business from a local hangout to one of the largest juice franchises in the world. This woman inspired me.”

Five years ago, Sarah came to Miami Beach and began pursuing her dream of creating cold-pressed juices for the world to enjoy. It was here that she got an opportunity at the Gayle Hotel where she set up shop, experimenting with different recipes until she came up with formulas she felt were able to carry a balance of being healthy and delicious. It was then that business really started booming. She soon had to upgrade to a kitchen and then to a full juicing facility. Now that’s not to say that it has been easy, according to Sarah. That actually hasn’t been the case at all.

Working on her own, Sarah was juggling life as a single mother with all-night juicing sessions to ensure orders were delivered on time. On top of that, she’s had many struggles with maintaining quality production while keeping prices and profit margins reasonable as she insists on using raw, locally sourced, certified organic, always fresh and non-genetically modified fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, the market always varies with produce—sometimes it is really expensive or a product may not even be available, which makes buyers wary. Sarah has stuck to her convictions, however, and has refused to sacrifice quality through all of it. And it’s paying off: she’s flourishing in a city that she loves, honing her entrepreneurial instincts and making a brand for herself.

Now Juicee is sold in the most upscale hotels and high-end restaurants in Miami. Sarah hopes to expand her business model outside of South Florida and experiment with other products in the same vein. But first, she understands that she needs to consistently build a brand here, that people see it and automatically know that what they’re getting is a quality product. And she is very grateful to the community for welcoming her and helping her build this kind of recognition.

But why Juicee? What makes it different from its competitors in the crowded juice market?

It’s the aforementioned balance between fibers and flavor. High nutritional content and unique flavorful recipes bolstered Juicee’s early success. She set out to make “juices for the non-juicer,” meaning that they couldn’t be intimidating or aspirational and they had to taste good.

But just because she is making tasty beverages doesn’t mean that they are any less healthy or anything to feel guilty about. That’s why she insists on them being cold-pressed daily, as opposed to using a centrifugal juicer, which uses spinning blades. The difference is that the hydraulic press system she uses does not produce any heat, which cooks off the most important part of the juice, the nutrients. Also, because the juice remains cool throughout the entire process, each sip of Juicee tastes freshly squeezed. The method not only guarantees maximum nutrient retention but also extracts more of the raw and refined nectar living in the produce—without compromising flavor. Each bottle of Juicee has over two pounds of organic fruits and vegetables.

By Andres Portillo