Spring is nearly here. Flowers are beginning to bloom. Trees are turning greener, and flighty butterflies are coming home. The same happens with hair trends… new colors, fresh haircuts, and the styles are IN this Spring.

As International Artistic Advisor for Aloxxi Color, I present this easy-to-follow guide for you to be on trend with your hair color.

This is what’s “In Bloom” this season:

  • Personality
  • Romantically Eccentric
  • Prep Vibe with Feminine Attitude
  • Free Spirited, Wild Flower
  • Show-Stopping Volume
  • Golden, Sun-Kissed Hues
  • Delicate Neutrals

What defines an “In Bloom” look

Rooted in romance with an air of eccentricity, this trend elicits retro-inspired design with a modem softness. It is approachable. Color focuses on tonal contrasts with warm, comforting hues. The softness of In Bloom lets pretty pastels and delicate neutrals create a whimsical mood. Florals create a sensory experience that transports you to a secret garden, where stillness and beauty reign. Styles are expressive, youthful, and playful but with the attitude of a true bombshell beauty.

Color Patterns

Create depth at the base and feather lightness through the ends with this color melt. Painting in baby lights inspires a youthful, playful color.

Super moon:

  • Personality
  • Femmebot Power
  • Virtually Artificial
  • Reality Otherworldly
  • Palettes Aquatic
  • Waves Optical
  • Illusions Human
  • Tech Cool
  • Moody Hues

What defines the “Super Moon” look

As we continue to demand more from technology, we become more digitally reliant and the technology becomes more capable of human emulation. The desire for real-life, tactile experiences becomes more sought after as we look to plug into our surroundings, so we can decipher between virtual, artificial and reality. Super Moon explores the renewed need for quiet stillness so one can truly be present.

The color is striking, seeking to arrest the senses with cool, sleek platinum and metallic/matte combinations that add freshness and luminosity to the hair. From smooth bombshell volume to curled accents and textured pumps, styles create a sense of wonder through vivid colors and rich surfaces. It is moody, sexy, optically teasing, and offers a high-impact mystical quality that is full of feeling.

Color Patterns

Play with all-over color placement and internal slices along the crest line. This allows for a moonlight effect, amplifying chosen hues and creating a sultry glow.

Tropical Delight

  • Personality
  • Resort Life
  • Adventure Ahead
  • Life Well
  • Crafted Golden
  • Hour Lush
  • Living Artisan
  • Appeal Gold
  • Mahogany Sunsets

What defines the “Tropical Delight” look

With authenticity being paramount, there is delight in making a statement, celebrating personality, and exploring a new sense of purpose focused on doing rather than just producing. This trend embraces the doing, inviting you to put up the out-of-office sign and explore the uncharted. Hairstyles and colors are experimental, tactile and, above all, fun. They pair color combinations with expressive styles. Color focuses on warm, nostalgic hues like gold mahoganies with pops of energized color for newness.

Styles offer modern, textured out waves with accents to showcase personal style. Tropical Delight embraces disruptive play to make a statement and experience la dolce vita.

Color Patterns

Emulate the sun by naturally lifting with random placements to lighten the mid-lengths and ends. This will absorb lighter tones to create a rich color melt.

Now that you know the trends for this season, talk to a color expert and discuss what look is the best for you. Ask your colorist to use Aloxxi Color, an Italian color. It’s the perfect choice to meet your makeover goals!

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