“True passion is the key to success”, said Dr. Ramon Castellanos, responsible for spearheading the creation of his highly acclaimed Regenerative Medicine Institute called StemCell Miami, located in the heart of the sundrenched city of Miami, Florida.

Throughout history, many famous scientists working in the field of medicine were first considered to be healers, teachers, researchers and even inventors. But where would we be without their contributions to our health? The science of medicine has been greatly advanced by their discoveries, working alone or on teams, all becoming true pioneers in their respective fields, remembered for their research, perseverance and most of all, for their passion. Many of these celebrated physicians have eliminated a multitude of diseases and added their invaluable input to the body of medical knowledge and thus, for the benefit of humanity in general. However, the future of traditional medicine is about to take another major leap, with the implementation of ground-breaking Stem Cell therapy advances.

In the case of the highly coveted StemCell Miami Institute, it was Dr. Castellanos’ true passion in the field of Regenerative Medicine (and especially the clinical application of stem cell treatments), that have successfully positioned him, not only as a true pioneer in this new medical arena, but also what quickly sparked the attention of his current StemCell Miami business partner and company CFO, Ingrid Machado for the last five years.

The two first met over six years ago, while Dr. Castellanos had his successful pain management practice at Mercy Hospital in Miami. However, Mrs. Machado’s successful entrepreneurial skills came into “full gear” when Dr. Castellanos first exposed her to his true passion: Autologous Adult Stem Cells, a medical treatment that is now being heralded around the globe as “the future of modern medicine.”

“I saw his face light up when he started to explain to me the miracle of stem cells” claimed Machado, who quickly decided to put all the necessary resources together to implement what is now considered, one of the premier stem cell institutes in the world.

The unparalleled medical expertise provided by Dr. Castellanos, mixed with the top-notch business savvy qualities possessed by Machado have proven to be in perfect tandem. Not only is this Miami based institute now world-renowned, but Dr. Castellanos’ creation of numerous medical instruments (like his patented E-Needle), his powerful supplements (like their C-Stem34) and his latest patented technique called Prometheus, all together have become the “key factors” for major Hollywood celebrities and even top-tier athletes (from around the globe) to want to come visit StemCell Miami, all in search to find a solution to their (often considered untreatable) medical conditions.

While StemCell Miami specializes in the clinical application of stem cell therapies for orthopedic conditions and Dr. Castellanos possesses a very impressive set of medical credentials, including: Double Board Certified by the American Academy of Medical Specialties in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Interventional Pain Management, as well as Assistant Professor of Neurological Science at Florida International University and internships / fellowships at top ranking universities including: The State University of New York / Health Science Center at Stony Brook and Cornell University. StemCell Miami is also strategically located in the center of Miami, a city that has become a true amalgamation of people from around the world and thus, Mrs. Machado became responsible for completely reconfiguring their top-notch team of medical experts to possess the ideal skill-set and also become a fully bilingual staff (now currently fluent in: English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese). This multi-lingual staff is perfectly well-suited to be able to effectively serve the needs of the multicultural clientele that visits this state-of-the-art institute on a daily basis.

In addition, StemCell Miami is also in the process of becoming a ground-breaking stem cell research center, fulfilling the abundant need to provide proper validation & clinical research results of their unparalleled treatment outcomes with Stem Cell therapies. Their medical team (that now also possesses a variety of medical specialties) is currently strongly focusing on conducting numerous case studies & upcoming clinical trials with their extensive patient base, in order to publish their unmatched findings on various medical journals & also present them at major medical conferences around the globe in the very near future.

In order to maximize the full exposure of the amazing outcomes being accomplished at StemCell Miami, Miss Machado also took up the challenge of hiring a multi-lingual marketing team, to strategically create an impressive advertising effort that includes a strong presence in multi-media channels, including: multiple print media venues, TV, radio and Social Media channels, basically encompassing a strong media presence to properly position this world acclaimed institute accordingly.

Furthermore, Machado added: “Technological advances are changing the way we see patients from around the globe, so we will soon implement virtual consultation type technology (a term sometimes called Telehealth or Telemedicine) that will allow the opportunity to exchange medical information between two parties, usually at different locations, with the goal of improving health and also avoiding for numerous out-of-town patients to have to travel to Miami for their initial consultation and/or for their follow up visits, after their procedure is completed.”

Finally, StemCell Miami is also conducting a series of free in-person / educational seminars at their institute (offered every last Saturday of each month) that cover the full gamut of services provided, treatment options available and also offers a comprehensive tour of their elegant & modern facility to all the attendees.

So if you, a family member, or friend would like to be evaluated to find out if Stem Cell treatments are a viable option, please call StemCell Miami toll free at 1 (855) 598-CELL or in Miami (305) 598-7777 or contact them via email info@stemcelmia.com

For additional information, please visit their newly redesigned website: www.stemcellmia.com or follow them on social media venues: Facebook @StemCellMiamiFL / Instagram @StemCellMiami / Twitter Feed @StemCellMia or you can also watch their innumerable patient testimonial videos on their YouTube channel.