“After almost three decades of being known as “The Body”, Elle found that the moniker no longer suited her.”


Her most recent endeavor aims to turn the idea of holistic health and its bene ts into a global business. What began as a quest to optimize her personal health and well-being soon turned into a passion for helping others, and to let go of their misconceptions about how genetics are the only true markers of how one will age.

After almost three decades of being known as “The Body,” Elle found that the moniker no longer suited her. Just like everyone else, she too had begun to age; albeit not as harshly as some of us, but enough for her take notice and want to take charge of the changes that were beginning to creep into her life.

Her latest adventure started with a simple Instagram post. One seemingly kind comment turned her simple wish into a call to action. The mother of two decided then and there to make more conscious decisions about her eating. She understood the value attributed to how well she maintained society’s view of what she should look like but truly came to understand that those ideas weren’t her own necessarily. She was no stranger to wanting to look and feel better about herself. Like any woman (or man), she saw room for improvement and knew that aging was inevitable. The difference between her and society was that she saw the correlation between absorbable whole food nutrition and how she treated her body. Soon, she came to a profound realization that making conscious choices immediately re ected in her complexion. Her skin glowed when she took a bio live alkalizing greens powder that later became The Super Elixir. Her long, lean, healthy physique didn’t require hours of intense exercises and shelves of bland foods to maintain it. Once she fully accepted that she was an active participate in how her body looked and felt, she had a “Eureka moment.”

She now supports her body from the inside out—a far cry from the runway life she once led. A devotee of an alkaline diet, Elle now enjoys a life lled with more energy and vitality than she’s ever known. Her plant-based bio live nutritional supplements worked so well for her that she created a business around those very concepts.

WelleCo, her company, makes what is possibly the worlds premium bio live, all plant wholefood supplements that follow this alkaline principle of more plants, less animal. Her products are designed to work hand in hand with an alkaline based diet, which includes lean proteins like sh and chicken. The supplements help to improve skin, hair, nails, and moods, as well as weight loss, has become a global phenomenon.

Elle recognizes that women, in particular, have this inherent need to look a certain way. Frequently they turn to procedures or products like Botox injections, facials, and masks to hide any imperfections, essentially creating the illusion of aging well. While those may be perfectly suitable to a particular segment of the population, the reality is they aren’t directly addressing the underlying issues and are a reaction to a problem. It is her belief to be proactive in our lives. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise and then treating, she encourages healthy choices that can drastically slow down or altogether avoid issues later on in life.

In addition to watching what she eats and taking her all-plant supplements, Elle is a rm believer in the power of water. She drinks a liter of water every morning before she does anything else. Water is a mainstay in her daily life. She drinks hot water with lemon and carries a bottle of water (with two teaspoons of The Super Elixir Alakalizing Greens) everywhere she goes. Throughout the day, she makes healthy choices like the company’s plant protein shakes, vegetarian lunches, goat cheese, and chicken or sh.

One of her core principles is not to deprive herself of anything. After having maintained this healthy diet for quite some time, she found out that she no longer craves high carbohydrate, high sugar, wheat, or high-fat dairy products. By eating three healthy meals a day, two light snacks, and her alkaline and protein rich supplements, her cravings have disappeared.

Regular exercise is another staple in her life. Just like everyone else, she knows her body isn’t up to the challenge of rigorous exercises. It’s not that she can’t do them; they just no longer t into her current life. She wants to be healthy, not shrink down to an impossible to maintain size, and she knows that an hour of exercise per day is optimum for her. It’s such a priority that she schedules it daily. Firstly, something outdoors is a given.

Her new eating and exercise philosophy has had a tremendous impact on her, and makes her stronger for the challenges ahead. It’s her hope that it will foster positive change in others around the globe. As the co-founder and creative director for WelleCo, she is well on her way to making that dream a reality.

Elle’s “The Super Elixir” supplements are available in the US through welleco.com


By: Claudia Portillo