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Getting Fit in 2017

The start of a new year is the perfect time for making some commitments about fitness. Need to take off a few pounds? Need to be more frugal in spending and mor...
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One Smart Coach

One Smart Coach The really good coaches are smart cookies. Forget the “dumb jock” jokes and pay attention to their ability to motivate—and f...
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Leading With Integrity

The first duty of a leader is to exhibit personal integrity. Whether in politics, athletics, business, education or family, who the person is counts for more than what she does. Neither title, fame nor salary can never compensate for a lack of character.
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Play to Your Strengths

Play to Your Strengths Some people waste a lot of perfectly good energy wishing they could do things they can’t. They hear someone play the piano and say longi...
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Fresh Mercies for the New Year

Did your fall semester in middle school, college or graduate school end on a low note? The spring semester that starts in a few days is a new beginning for you. Was last year a tough one at work? Did you lose a job? Did you have to move your family from a place everybody really liked to a new location? One way to cope is to think of what you can gain rather than what you’ve lost. Focus on what to learn from the experience in order to help you move forward. Make some new friends.
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