Here’s a recipe for a hearty meat loaf that is the ultimate soul food for the meat and potato lover. I like to serve my meat loaf with a plate of fluffy mashed ...

Pasta Primavera

“Pasta primavera” is Italian for “springtime pasta”. It is a festive and colorful dish made with pasta and lightly sautéed springtime vegetables. Contrary to po...

Banana Pancakes Recipe

I recently found my kitchen redolent with the aroma of two bunches of overripe bananas, which I knew were headed for the trash bin in another day or two if I di...
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Diet and Exercise are not Always Enough to lose Weight

Diet and Exercise are not Always Enough to lose Weight: Weight loss surgery may be an option Many have tried countless diets, calorie counting, low-carb, juice cleanses, and ultimately the weight one loses comes back all too often. For most people, a healthy balanced diet and regular daily activity are just enough to maintain oneself at a current weight. The prevalence of obesity is greater than 30% in the Valley. For these individuals, maintaining their current weight or gaining weight may lead to a cascade of health problems.
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