Should Girls Who Aren’t Sexually Active Be Vaccinated Against HPV?

The root cause of cervical cancer, the genital human papillomavirus (HPV) can occur in men and women alike, almost half of sexually active individual contracting the virus at some point in their lives. Still, not all carriers show signs of infection; depending on the type of HPV one is infected with, the condition can be asymptomatic or can manifest through warts that appear in the genital area or in the upper respiratory tract.
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Dealing with Presbyopia: When the Print Gets Too Small

You’ve seen them, those people who are stretching their arms just as far as it they can go to read the menu. Heck, you may even be one of them. Do you know why people have to do this to read fine print? It’s called presbyopia and it eventually happens to everyone as a natural consequence of aging. It’s caused by the lens of the eye losing its elasticity, which means that it just can’t focus on things that are up close the way it could when it was younger. While presbyopia can be quite irritating, especially because it is yet another sign of aging, there are some things that can be done to help alleviate this lack of focus.
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Higher Brain Living: A New Brain. A New Beginning.

Lately I have been thinking about ‘heaven on earth’ and I am wondering how many of us really truly believe this to be a possibility. We say things like, “We want to transform,” and “The world can become a place of joy and abundance and possibility for all.” But do we believe it? Do we truly believe it? What if it were true? What would we do then? What if…
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Introducing Plaquex

Introducing Plaquex An Innovative New Treatment Combats Cardiovascular Disease on a Cellular Level When it comes to cardiovascular health, conventional wisdom...