Juj, meaning “union,” is the Sanskrit word from which our word Yoga derives. It is ancient discipline that joins together our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Yoga is meditation in action driving us toward introjections. It is a bridge to our own selves, to a personal encounter whose purpose is the fulfillment of well-being in the here-and-now. Yoga is a discipline integrating bodily postures, breathing techniques and meditation through which we learn consciously to focus our attention.

Yoga wakes us to self-knowledge; it is an encounter with our physical and mental bodies. Through its practice we find the joy of physical well-being, mental relaxation and alertness. Thus, it becomes a way to unite and fully enjoy our abilities.

In the West, we have adopted Hata Yoga in particular. There are different styles of Yoga with distinct objectives: Anusara, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hata, Iyengar, Integral, Kundalini and Viniyoga. All of these styles lead to the same path. The difference is in the creativity and diversity that characterizes the richness of a human being.


Improved flexibility and balance

Improved coordination and concentration

Improved muscle tone and strength

Improved digestion and metabolism

Reduced stress and improved ability to handle stress

Increased bone density

Helps to normalize blood pressure

Improved posture and alignment

Reduced and relieved neck and back pain

Improved organ function

Improved quality of sleep

Teaches mindfulness and deepness awareness

These benefits are met with constant practice. Our lifestyle diminishes the time that is dedicated to learn new alternatives to care for our health. It is a good idea to utilize videos and books at home, but in order to establish a personal practice, it is essential to learn the discipline from a solid foundation.

In order to learn Yoga, our suggestion is to receive instruction from a certified instructor and to initiate your practice at a beginner’s level. This is to ensure the benefits obtained are from a natural and secure method.

The discipline of Yoga is open to all of those who have the disposition to learn it. It is not long before the results of general health become apparent.

Various studies support the results obtained by Yoga in men and women with a fulfillment in health, tranquility within and their surroundings. Take the opportunity to discover the benefits that Yoga offers.

Namasté: The light within me honors the light within you.

By Blanca Ramirez