an-ipl-treatment-may-be-all-you-needAs the adage says, many things come with age, but for some what comes with age can be nuisances or perceived as unsightly. For years, dermatologists have seen a multitude of concerned patients for various ailments; some far more serious than others. While we could discuss the litany of blemishes and ailments for days on end, the one we’ll discuss now is relatively benign and easily treatable.

Age spots (liver spots) are those flat tan specks that normally appear on the face, arms, shoulders, or hands of someone over the age of thirty. They form in areas that get the most sun exposure. While not detrimental to your health, these spots can bothersome to those who suffer from them. For years, patients have been anxious to be rid of these spots forever. Lucky for them, now there is a procedure available that will erase these spots for good.

IPL Intense Pulse Light Treatment – is what some would deem a breakthrough procedure designed to address the imperfections of age spots in a safe, non-invasive procedure without leaving any injuries to the skin. Patients can expect to be in and out of the office in a short time with no marked swelling or bruising after their procedure. And best of all, you’ll have no down time after this treatment.

This innovative procedure uses light waves, specifically calibrated to distribute intensity evenly on all skin types. It uses the exact strength and energy needed to garner optimal results in each case. First, a pair of protective goggles will be placed over the patient’s eyes, then, a topical anesthetic will be applied to the chosen treatment area for comfort. After that, special cooling gel will be applied to the skin to decrease the heat sensation from the device. To help decrease that heat even more, cool air cooling is used on the skin. Next, the IPL device (In most cases, a small hand piece is used.) will be applied directly to the treatment area/s. Each affected area receives short passes with the device, then, move on to other areas of concern. All in all, the procedure can take anywhere from thirty to forty or forty-five minutes. There may be occasions when the patient has to return for other rounds of treatment, but when all is said and done, the areas treated are spot free. As an added bonus this treatment can be used to clear

“IPL involves little risk if any. Many report having little to no discomfort following their treatment.”

birthmarks, unsightly veins, any skin discoloration, or other small areas of concern for the patient.

By constricting the blood vessels and surrounding collagen, discoloration can be reduced or eradicated altogether. Within a short time, the patient will see noticeable changes, including the redness reduction, age lines, age spots, and birthmarks/discoloration.

One should always weigh the risks of any procedure. IPL involves little risk if any. Many report having little to no discomfort following their treatment. This is noninvasive and nonablative, meaning there is no skin removal involved. Patients will experience speedy recoveries and a prompt return to normal everyday activities.

By Maydeline Moreno