The New Year is here. Can you feel it? Now, is a time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and what you may not have accomplished just yet. But don’t fret. Just because you may not have had time to learn three new languages or might not have made a chance to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Give yourself a break. We’ve all overshot our goals. We had the best intentions but may have forgotten that somewhere in between learning to pilot a plane and curing a common cold, we still had a life outside of it waiting to be lived. Between work, family, and your social life, there simply aren’t enough hours to do everything.

2017 will be better. Focus on what you know you can easily achieve. That’s not to say don’t make lofty goals. Just make better-for-you goals. Health and fitness goals are always high on everyone’s lists, but where does one even begin?

Look at what’s hot and what’s not for the coming year. There’s always some new fad. Ignore them, and pay attention to what’s really working for people. Those are the things people are actually paying attention to. Those are things that have proven success for many. They should be incorporated into your new year’s resolutions because they WILL make a difference in your life.

Here are a few fitness measures that both professionals and amateurs are recommending:

01. Fitness Trackers.

These ubiquitous gems are not only easy-to-use, but they’re the next best thing to hiring a personal trainer. They can do anything from monitoring your daily activity level to keeping track of your daily food intake and keeping an eye on your heart rate, sleep patterns, and so much more! What’s not to love about that? In this data- driven world, what’s better than having a wrist size health assessment at your fingertips?

02. Group Training.

Let’s face it; you need an accountability partner. Joining a group fitness class is the perfect way to have fun with a few friends while getting in shape. Having people to be accountable to, your motivation levels will go way up. Studies have shown that those who partake in group exercises are more likely to stick to their goals. Now this is peer pressure being put to good use.

03. HIIT Workouts.

What can we say? Thirty minutes of high-intensity workouts could change your life. Head out to your nearest gym and join a high-octane class today. You won’t regret!

04. Strength Training.

What can we say? This is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not only does it rev up your metabolism, but it also helps to build muscle while burning more calories.

05. Body Weight Training.

Are you tired of spending your hard-earned money on equipment you won’t use? Well, there’s a better way. Just imagine never having to leave your house to get a full-body workout. Build lean muscle mass in the comfort of your own home. No equipment. You can do everything at home with nothing more than your body weight for resistance. This is an easy-peasy no brainer. Add this to New Year’s Resolutions must-do list.

Whatever your goals, go forth knowing that you can, and you will succeed!

Here’s to your health in 2017!

By Sylvia Morales