The simple answer. Yes! And for many people, Absolutely.


First lets tackle the easy one. Prevention, a recent conclusive study that followed thousands of patients over a crucial 15 year period when most Type 2 adults are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes(between 50-65), showed that through modifiable lifestyle risk factors Type 2 can be prevented in nearly 90% of cases. 

How about those that have already been diagnosed?

Good News!!

Doctors across the Unites States have been seeing signs of Type 2 Diabetes clinically reversing* in their patients. Patients are now being able to reduce or eliminate medication including insulin while at the same time achieving A1C (a person’s average levels of blood glucose) values in a non-diabetic range.

This is an urgently important message that most patients never get to hear. As a matter of fact patients are typically told the complete opposite, simply due to lack of information or more specialized training.

It is important, particularly during National Diabetes month in November, to create a national, even global, awareness that Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed!


Last year, 415 MILLION adults worldwide were living with diabetes. By 2040, the number is expected to increase to approximately 642 million or 1 in 10 adults.* The disease has become so prevalent it is not an epidemic, it is pandemic.

Sadly, since most people are not aware their Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed, they will most likely develop diabetic complications before they get help. These complications include cardiovascular disease, blindness, kidney failure, strokes, Cancer, Alzheimers or Amputation. Currently every 7 seconds, someone dies from diabetic complications.**

Diabetes is in the long term, without proper guidance, a very harmful chronic illness. The current model of management and medications based on a silver bullet approach, together with diet and exercise to “control” the disease has failed at providing a successful long term solution. This is not an opinion, this is a strongly evidenced fact.

o how can you stop the seemingly endless cycle of medications and start the path to reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

It all starts with better information. For example many people are told that their Type 2 Diabetes is genetic. For most this simply isn’t so. Although Type 2 does have a familial component (Familial means the habits, customs, culture, food preferences, activity levels, etc. that you grew up with), your genetic inheritance does not play a major role. It is very important to accept this fact because it means there is a lot you can do to start finding a way out. You are not powerless against this illness.

How Do Patients Take the First Step into Reversal?

Not all Type 2 Diabetics are created equal.

For Example:

Let’s take the intriguing fact that you can have a person that is diabetic but is thin, eats healthy, and yet their sugar levels are hard to manage. On the other hand, there are diabetics that are obese, inactive and have poor diets but their blood sugar levels seem to be in better condition. Why?

The reason is very simple: The underlying reasons, the mechanisms, the root causes of their diseases are particular to each and every individual.

Two Words- Comprehensive Diagnosis.

This is accomplished through an integrative and comprehensive testing approach. Thorough testing is what is going to open the door to improve and even help reverse a patient’s Type 2 Diabetes.  Doctors can then use detailed findings to customize a plan for patients based on the underlying root causes.

  If we know that each diabetic has diabetes for a different reason, doesn’t it make sense that each Type 2 diabetic should have individualized, customized treatment based on the mechanism of their illness?

Common mechanisms:

  • Insulin Resistance (Great Variation in this segment based on individual mechanism)
  • Auto-Immune Diabetes (GAD 65, IA2, APICA)
  • Gut Dysfunction
  • Adrenal Dysfunction
  • Long Term Cortico-Steroid Use
  • Co-Morbid Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Etc..


Good news! There are strong indications that there is a way out of Type 2 Diabetes. The KEY is proper testing, a comprehensive diagnosis, and customized treatment for each patient.

*Reversing is not the same as cured. But you can dramatically reduce your risk of getting diabetic complications and reach values on your A1C of pre-diabetic or non diabetic and reducing the need for diabetic medication.

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