Oriental Medicine is a discipline which starts practicing for more than 3000 years ago on small communities of China, and now is been spread to other Countries. Oriental Medicine Oath is help the human body keep the balance or homeostasis where means keep fitted, healthy and feel great. With its own techniques Oriental Medicine is been helping many people to cope with illness keeping their health.

This discipline used by doctors to help on already exhausted patients that were told there was nothing can be done for their illness. In order to start helping their people, barefoot doctors practice Oriental Medicine  by using some techniques like Acupuncture, Bleeding, Nutrition,  Herbology, Guasha, Copping and other self-healing techniques like Tai Qi and Qi Gong.

Acupuncture a technique that was developed by observing how channels of energy run along the body, they noticed points present under the skin, when this points are press or apply a sterilized hair like needle, the body respond relaxing the muscles and producing substances that help eliminate the pain. When this needles are applied in a constant sessions and a combination with nutrition and herbal consultation the results are very positive.

Acupuncture can help with pain like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sport injuries, or any kind of pain; Acupuncture also help with cancer patients that deal with nausea and vomit after chemotherapy, Acupuncture is used on  patients with Anxiety and Depression or patients that have problems with Allergies or Asthma. Menopause patients are been helped with Acupuncture. Patients with different situations that they already seen a physician and no results are done can try acupuncture.

Cupping is another technique that is used to clear the heat on the body, this technique is very helpful to use on people with back pains that smoke which help them to clear the heat trapped in their bodies after smoking and at the same time help to relax the muscles to lower the pain.

Tai Qi is a technique related to concentrate on breathing, mind and body movements to quiet the mind and relax the body. These movements are forms that can be considered as part of the meditation movements. Qi Gong is a technique that beside mind and body uses healing sounds and the muscle movements help the human body to obtain the balance or homeostasis needed.

These are some of the techniques Oriental Medicine can help to keep the body balanced in good health. At Behavioral Wellness Center, we have Licensed Acupuncturist that can help you to cope with your pain or your symptoms that bother you, you are welcome to call to make an appointment.

by Consuelo Camarillo de Gonzalez Lic. A.C.