Running: the exercise you love to hate. If you’re like many runners, motivating yourself to run is like motivating a teenager to clean his or her room. It’s not easy. While we may love what running does for our bodies and minds, we hate the act itself. We know all the heart-healthy benefits of running. We love the endorphin boost and lovingly admire our runner’s legs, but waking up early for a run is for the birds. It’s a sport that requires discipline and practice.

For most of us, the exciting part isn’t the pumping of the heart; it’s the cute clothes we get to wear. Runners love their gear. That’s a perk of long hours of our feet hitting the pavement. Add your playlist to the mix, and you’re almost ready to roll. There are a plethora of apps to helps us pass the time. Podcasts help us forget we’re running. Music helps us with our pace. Other apps track our performance. Those are features we adore! But aside from the fun part of running, why do you run?

  • Is it for health?
  • For weight loss?
  • To combat stress?
  • Is it about weight management?
  • Are you hoping to gain muscle definition or shed the baby weight?
  • Are you perhaps trying to stop smoking?
  • Do you enjoy the camaraderie of a running group?
  • Are you a solo runner?
  • Trails, backcountry roads, or city streets?

We know some moms and dads love the solitude of running. It’s a way of getting some alone time. Others may use running as a way to combat anxiety issues or problem-solving. Figure out why you run and use that as motivation to keep your feet moving.

We’re familiar with the benefits of running, but what motivated you to start? There’s no right or wrong answer. Think about what running does for you. Remind yourself of all the feel-good reasons you continue to slip on your shoes, don your favorite running t-shirt, and step outside into the elements to hit the pavement. We have a reason for everything we do. What’s yours? And while you’re at it, is it time to start a new playlist, buy new shoes, invest in cold weather gear, or sign up for your next race?

Tell us what makes you hop on the treadmill or head outside to your favorite running trail and why? We, runners, have to stick together and keep each other moving forward, no matter the storm.