When anyone asks us, what is the most valuable performance tool we offer in our center, most people expect us to answer that it is either a particular machine or training technique. But what we value most, and what Rinaldi Performance is exceptional at, is adaptation and communication.

Adaptation is defined as a change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment. What we specialize in at Rinaldi Performance is this process of adaptability. We are completely comfortable with change, challenges, complex situations such as injury restriction, elevated levels of fatigue or stress, and many other factors that may compromise a person’s ability on any given day to perform a training session.

For that reason, we asses the mind and body each day when a client walks through our door in order to see what is best for them at that moment. Should there be any sort of compromise to a client’s physical or mental state on any given day, we immediately adapt to those needs and make changes to the programming for the day. This is a very individualized approach. We shy away from generalized workouts in which competition is encouraged and everyone completes the same workout. Rinaldi Performance training sessions focus on having you compete against yourself and push you to safely better yourself each day.

Sometimes, clients arrive in distress and don’t feel capable of pushing hard in a fitness training session as planned and would prefer to switch gears and decompress their minds and bodies with a GYROTONIC® session instead.

We are able to adapt to that need instantly. Many of our clients travel for work and arrive with very tense lower backs, tight shoulders and hamstrings, and in pain from that travel. We listen to their symptoms and what their bodies are telling us, and modify our sessions, often to full-body tension release.

Contrarily, some of our GYROTONIC® clients, once feeling better with their bodies, decide they would like to stimulate their cardiorespiratory systems, build strength in a more challenging way, or get back to their fitness training. We are able to offer that to them with pleasure.

Communication is a priority. Having been coached our entire lives by world-renown coaches, we understand the importance of good communication and the detriment of bad communication. We understand that each individual is unique and learns and absorbs information differently.

Some people grasp information best visually, so our demonstrations become vital. Others are more mathematical in their thinking and can recreate movement simply by being told how to angularly position themselves, while some people are a combination of multiple learning styles. During our initial client evaluation, we vary our communication style in order to determine how information is best being absorbed.

GYROTONIC® COCONUT GROVE is partner to Rinaldi Performance and both live under the same roof. Being one of the only full-service GYROTONIC® studios in South Florida with all the specialized equipment, Rinaldi Performance clearly offers a special approach to training. The Gyrotonic Method® is a highly specialized movement system that focuses on decompressing the spine and joints, which is especially helpful with hip and knee replacements, shoulder surgery recovery, herniated discs, sciatica issues, scoliosis, and to anyone with athletic pain or a stiff body who’s looking to regain strength and mobility.

Ultimately, the most important factor is that our clients receive the best quality of service to help them reach their goals by adapting each visit to their particular needs.


By Melanie Rinaldi