Herbal remedies are all the rage, and there’s good reason for that. Long ago, people in society relied solely on what they could harvest from the earth. Science has proven that people were healthier than we are now. They had no processed foods or added nutrients or additives or harmful substances. All they had were good old fashioned and powerful herbs. They are what fed us as a society, what nurtured and replenished us and allowed us to survive harsh conditions, catastrophic storms, and changes in our ecosystem.

Now that people—scientists, nutritionists, lay people—have taken stock, read the studies, seen the long-lasting effects of poor food choices, unhealthy diets, and virtual immobility, they’ve embraced a return to healthier ways of eating. The best part of eating is the healing properties associated with some of Mother Earth’s most bountiful herbs.

Herbs like ginger, parsley, and even the ubiquitous dandelion that many of us wore in our hair as a child contain natural healing properties. Who knew! Those examples are some of the simplest products to find almost anywhere in the world. Thankfully, you don’t have to have a green thumb or a degree in horticulture to find them, grow them, and reap all the healing benefits from them.

Check out the list of readily available herbs that contain medicinal and healing properties that you can eat, drink, or grow right in your very own garden, or even in a potted plant garden inside your home. Do yourself a favor, save money, and more importantly, nurture your body with natural substances.



Calendula is wonderful for wounds and skin irritation. It can also help ease pain from minor burns and cramping. Use it as a salve or in tea.


Aloe is the perfect soothing agent for treating sunburn, skin eruptions like scrapes and cuts, bug bites and for treating minor burns. All you have to do is break off a leaf and squeeze its contents directly to the affected area. It’s that easy! It’s even safe to ingest to help ease heartburn and constipation.


Dandelion root helps keep your liver, kidneys, spleen, and gallbladder running properly. Eat them in a salad, turn them into wine, or eat just as they are.


Ginger is the elixir of the gods! If you’re experiencing stomach issues, this is the herb for you.


Valerian is insomnia, sleep disorder, anxiety, stress killer.


Echinacea helps stimulate your immune system and does wonders to prevent colds.


Rosemary has anti-inflammation, antibacterial, antiseptic properties and can be thrown into any food or drink.


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Mint helps with weight loss. Enough said.


Echinacea helps stimulate your immune system and does wonders to prevent colds.


Thyme is perfect for soothing coughs.


Garlic is not just for pasta. It’s the wonder herb. It does it all.


Sage is for infections, indigestion, fevers, sore throats and cleansing.

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