You know the feeling. You’re burned out, fed up, can barely keep your eyes open, and are bargaining with anyone who will listen to set you free. That’s your body telling you it’s time to take a much-needed vacation. We’ve all been there. We all recognize the signs…eventually. If you’re like most people, those signs don’t become recognizable until we’ve almost hit our breaking point or have already exceeded your limit of the amount of patience your body can hold.REASONS


It’s time to pay attention and do something about it before you reach the point of no return, but how? The answer is simple, but getting to the point that makes you feel comfortable about getting to that answer is a whole other story. REASONS


We live to work and work to live. That’s a common theme for working adults. We are so anxious trying to make gains in the workplace. We live in turbulent times, where employers are growing impatient, the markets are fluctuating, business doors are shuttering, and no one, including you, wants to ruin a good thing. But is working yourself to death really a good thing? Are you working at optimum levels if you’re dog tired and in dire need of a long nap?

Walking away from our desks just might be the scariest thing we’ll ever have to do, believe me, do it and you will keep your sanity. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Killing yourself for a job—any job—is not worth it. Your body needs time to recharge, to rest, and to just do nothing every once in a while. REASONS

Vacation shaming has become a new ‘thing’ for working people. Everyone bemoans the guy or gal who takes a mental health day or goes away on elaborate weeklong trips. The truth is we all wish we had the courage and the common sense to do that too. There’s no shame in wanting to take some time to yourself.

If your body is screaming at you to sit down or shut down, the best possible thing you could do for it is to listen. Take a break from the constant stress of work. Leave behind the devices that keep you constantly connected to drama in and out of the workplace. And find somewhere—home, a Caribbean cruise, a train ride across Europe—to get out of your head, shed the work nonsense, and finally enjoy your life.

What are the signs we should pay attention to?

Real, cannot sleep insomnia. Your brain is constantly on. If you notice your sleep patterns have changed or are altogether nonexistent, take that as a sign.

Constant stomach upset.
Remember when you used to tell your parents that your stomach hurt before you had to go to school? Well, this is the grown up version. If it’s making you sick to go to work, take a break.

Yes, increased headaches are a BIG warning sign that you need to take a break. cause

Your immune system is shot.
If you’re getting sick more often, that could be a sign that you need to take a few days off to rejuvenate your body.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you. It won’t steer you wrong.

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