Dads are awesome. Not every dad, but men generally bring a different vibe to a kid’s childhood that I sometimes really envy. There are aspects of my husband’s parenting that I just can’t mimic; it’s his, he’s the dad, and he rocks. BETTER


I stay home with our four young kids and Brian works the 8-5. Our separate lives make for some interesting discussions at the end of the day- we always have such different stories to tell as he’s all
out there and I’m all at home in sweat pants wiping butts. Our traditional setup also brings a certain dynamic to our parenthood, and every once in awhile I’m floored by what an awesome dad Brian is. I see these things in other dads a lot of the time too, and hey, if we can sing the praises of our men, we should! BETTER


I know that my husband is a certain personality type, he has a certain love language, he’s his own person, plus he’s a total gem, so I can’t generalize too much, but just roll with my points. My purpose in this post is to inspire you to see the positives about your hubby and switch into gratitude mode for the different dynamic he brings into your family. A thankful heart is everything.

01 They know how to get down and have fun with the kids.

More often than not, Brian’s after-dinner time is spent on the ground with four tiny humans crawling all over. Him, accidentally kicking him in the junk. He just takes the hit, breathes deep and keeps on playing. He’ll get a big blanket over him and crawl around growling. The kids call this “the rock monster game,” and they never laugh harder than when they’re playing this with. Their dad. He’s the one who does all the funny talk about poop and butt cracks and silly things that little. Kids find absolutely hilarious. Brian knows how to make them laugh, and his to-do list rarely gets in the way of sitting. On the floor and engaging in his kids’ happiness. BETTER

02 They have aerial vision and logic in a crisis.

A few weeks ago I had a meltdown. It seemed there was always a big mess to clean up somewhere in the house and nothing was flowing. I felt like I had no help at all, and I couldn’t keep up with anything, plus I had just added in working several hours a day on growing my blog into a second income and had no balance. My meltdown occurred near the end of the day right when Brian walked through the door. He stood in the living room just listening to my rant, and after it was done, he was quiet. A few minutes later he called the kids downstairs and gave them a talk about chores. BETTER


After about ten minutes he had them cleaning the whole upstairs, and He’d set up a daily list for them to accomplish before they even come down for breakfast in the mornings. They have actually done what he said most mornings since that day. Why? Because when Brian speaks to the kids about something, it’s serious and he means business; they know that. Also because I am always talking to them and I admit, lecturing them, so when Dad says something it sounds new and tends to stick.


Brian comes into a crisis like a helicopter, with a bird’s eye view, scans the situation with his logic and can come up with a practical and effective solution, all while remaining totally calm while I’m a tired basket case. I need that because sometimes I’m so caught up in the chaos that I can’t see the obvious solution.

03 They don’t “lose it.” like we do.

This one sort of goes with number two, and it’s probably specific to men like my husband rather than all men, but so worth mentioning. I am temperamental, and that is my biggest issue- anger. I can take so much, and then I fly off the handle and just lose it. Brian really doesn’t do this. He is calm, collected, and reasonable basically all the time. He’s my Mr. Steady, and I am so thankful my kids have him as the other parent for some balance to my crazy.

04 They let the kids use them as jungle gyms, and aren’t sick of being touched at the end of the day.

I don’t know why but kids always want to get physical energy out between the hours of 5 & 7 PM, even if we spent the whole day at the park. The problem is by this time of day; I am done. I have been pulled on, tapped a thousand times, my ears are talked off, my patience is worn thin, and everybody better back off. Brian walks in the door and is usually still fresh, at least when it comes to the kids. He hasn’t been dealing with them all day, and he missed them, so he’s ready to wrestle and play and let them be loud. This is my favorite hubby feature because it allows me to pour a glass of wine and cook in peace, usually with headphones in. Heaven.

05 They show their kids that they love their mom.

Again, I know not all husbands are like mine, but this is a big one. Brian loves physical touch, and he’s very affectionate; I am naturally the opposite in both ways. At the end of the day, the last thing I’m thinking about is showing our kids how much we love each other [something that kids desperately need to see], but Brian takes care of that for me. He is always running his fingers through my hair, looking into my eyes, rubbing my back, reaching for my hand, kissing me, or gesturing for me to snuggle into him on the couch. The kids see that, and I love it. They are seeing what a good man looks like.

By Allie Casazza is The Purposeful Housewife. She is all about helping you purge the clutter that’s clogging your joy, rediscover the purpose in your days, and live with intention.
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