There’s an app for everything these days. Fitness one of them. We’re all connected via the click of a simple button. Need your pants hemmed? Click here. Need a ride to work? Click here. How about a burrito for lunch? Sure, why not! Click here. We’re all about convenience. It’s great. It’s a time saver, a sanity saver, a super easy way to get through life, but what’s the caveat? There’s always a caveat. Drum roll, please… Convenience choices aren’t always healthy choices for you.

Think about it. How often are you going with the easy option instead of heading to the grocery store yourself to make dinner or fill that late-night craving with something that’s good for you? And it’s not just the food choices that are at your fingertips; it’s the lack of exercise that can really ruin your diet and exercise plan. If you’re having everything from a tube of toothpaste to pasta primavera delivery to your front door, there’s no need to leave the house, now, is there?


We beg to differ. On top of the lack of exercise, chances are your food choices leave a lot to be desired, and your wallet or virtual wallet is leaking like a sieve. Convenience comes with a high price tag. First, there’s the delivery fees, then, there’s the base fee, then, the delivery guy or gal must be tipped. You wouldn’t want to skimp on that. After it’s all said and done, how much have you really saved? Perhaps you saved a little bit of time. (That’s a win.) But when you factor in all the surcharges and fees, how much money did you lose?

What can you do to avoid the pitfalls of life dictated by an app?

01 Set a budget.

There’s nothing wrong with convenience but use it wisely. No reason to break the bank to get what you want quickly.

02 Be picky.

Ask yourself if it’s really worth it? Are you hungry or bored? Is it the best choice for you? Fitness is the answer.

03 Time management is your friend.

If you feel like there’s not enough time in the world to get everything done, plan your days better. You can’t be everywhere, and you can’t do everything. Cut yourself some slack. Leave some breathing room so you’ll have time to stop at the grocery store.

04 Cook at home.

There’s an app for that. Look up YouTube videos, a cooking channel, buy a cookbook. Trust us. You’ll eat better if you make it yourself.

05 Workout.

Your body, your mind, and your soul need it. Walk to the drugstore. Peruse the aisles of your local grocery store. Take a trip to the farmer’s market. Jog in place. Do whatever it takes to get your body moving.

By Fabienne Claude

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